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Hy Vee - Manager Review from Rock Island, Illinois 1.0 HyVee is it racist store and it was caught on camera August 24th 2016 at 10:48 that night. I asked the manager to take a look at the tape he tells me... Hy Vee - Customer Care Review from Rock Island, Illinois 1.0 I Had the most embarrassing racist experience in my life at Hyvee it was all caught on tape and as I relayed my situation to the manager and... Hibu Yellowbook...Don't sign the contract (if you are an employee) WARNING... their contracts have a hidden paragraph that says the signer is personally responsible to pay the advertising agreement, even if the compan... Aspen Dental - Review in Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors category from Rock Island, Illinois 1.0 Liars, Rude Staff, signed me up for genesis credit to cover my dental expenses and never charged genesis credit for services. I calked the office... Securus Technologies - Several dropped calls, since they are so expensive per call, i wanted to look for the refund form to fill out and they have made it almost impossible to find the form easily. As I stated in the above. It shouldn't be that hard to locate the refund form to print in order to get a credit for the many dropped calls I've been... Dish Network - Channel blackout Ok Dish enough is enough get off you pity pot and bring back ABC. It has been almost 2weeks since the black out bring back what we are paying for. ... Pepsi - Cannot tolerate sugar alcohols 1.0 I have not had a diet Pepsi since Sept. 1 of last year when aspartame was replaced with sucralose, a sugar alcohol. Because Pepsi is the major cola... Dish Network - Abc and Dish agreement Put abc channel 8 back on the air in Moline Illinois. I pay 116.00 dollars a month for your service and it sucks signal loss all the time and signal...