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Pella Customer Support NOT! 1.0 I've never worked with more incompetent, insulting people in my life. After Pella "installers" screwed up Pella told me I was on my own. This was... Sears Parts Direct - Can't seem to get a part to come to me whole! 1.0 We moved this summer. We broke the front part of the stove we were leaving for the new owners. I found Sears Parts Direct and ordered the parts. The... Intimacy - They suck 1.2 I went when they first opened & was so excited to have a "professional " measure me & finally get a bra that fits! I have read a lot of complaints... Molina Healthcare - Need medication 1.9 I try to get me seizure medication covers and i am told no. some employees from molina called me saying fighting to try and get my medication covered... Falcon Insurance - These people at Falcon are HORRIBLE ! 1.0 I'm an Ins Agt and one of their people hit my insured. I did not have their customers' name just a policy #.l I asked them to call their customer to... Potbelly Sandwich Shop - Potbelly's at Oak Brook Terrace Mall 2.9 I ordered Original Tuna sandwich with cheese on multigrain. The guy putting the sandwich together asked me two times if I wanted mustard on it, I... Falcon Insurance - SUB PAR INSURANCE COMPANY 1.0 I was hit by one of their insured drivers (La Familia Insurance). They determined that the accident was not my responsibility and sent me their cut... Samsung Electronics - Last Samsung refrigerator I will buy 1.0 In January 2013 I purchased a refrigerator with the french doors and freezer on the bottom from Best Buy. Of course my story is the same as so many...