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State Farm Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim Review
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I have had many issues!! 1. They have my insurance for my vehicles jacked up!! The lady who contacted me to resolve it gave me a NON WORKING email to forward contact with my agent to her at. 2. A shed that cost $500 to build was damaged in a spring storm by a tree, it... Read more

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My wife and I came to JH with the intention of getting a advance on our tax return. However we didn't qualify and choose Turbo Tax online as an alternative. Only to find out that our tax return had been kicked back because we had duplicate TIN numbers. Which means that... Read more

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My husband has ordered from them at least 2 times. The first times he had no problems at all. But that is not the case now. He ordered a pair of orthotics like in May or so. First pair came and they were wrong. And second and third pair came and again WRONG. Now... Read more

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  • Oct 28, 2016
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They took my money. Then they gave me a bogus shipping number. That tracking number stated it was delivered 6 months before I ordered it and to the other part of the country. They wouldn't return my email. I waited an hour in hold. Customer service said they won't...

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Allegiant cannot be trusted!!! They cancelled my flight to St. Pete/Clearwater Florida on the day of travel. Was on hold for over one hour. Once connected to customer care I was told my flight is "potentially rescheduled" for tomorrow. And I may be compensated $50 or... Read more

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Just a bad company with one thing on their mind. "How green is your money?" I put what they sent me when I asked for a refund on their Facebook page. Please read this before you order anything. There are much better sites with a whole lot better customer service... Read more

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This is the second time we've been scammed & robbed by H&R Block over the past few years! They lie!! I specifically asked how much it would cost to file as a "1 man" business (EASY, BECAUSE I DID MOST OF IT FOR THEM) & I was told in front of other employees that it... Read more

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Sentinel Fence and Rail is one of the most worst companies we have ever ordered fences from. Every one of our orders (we have ordered 5-10 fences in the past year) has been shipped weeks after promised. No communication on their part to notify us of the delay. Our most... Read more

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  • Jun 21, 2016
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Worst service of any resturant. Takes forever to get your food then God forbid you want more fries. 15 minutes later. Had our royalty messed up. In Normal Illinois. We will never be back

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St.Joseph Michigan exit 27. What a perfect place for a food stop. Trouble is...the panera there is dirty, the place is understaffed and entrees are either not available or ingredients have been left out. We sat surrounded by tables filled with dirty dishes while the... Read more

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