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Just a bad company with one thing on their mind. "How green is your money?" I put what they sent me when I asked for a refund on their Facebook page. Please read this before you order anything. There are much better sites with a whole lot better customer service that will really help you and your family going through a difficult time. Please contact me if you need any information about other sites. This site didn't work for me and just... Read more

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State Farm Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim Review
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I have had many issues!! 1. They have my insurance for my vehicles jacked up!! The lady who contacted me to resolve it gave me a NON WORKING email to forward contact with my agent to her at. 2. A shed that cost $500 to build was damaged in a spring storm by a tree, it took 4 mos. Before a claim, we had started repairs, and it cost a little over $300 to repair, and we lost maybe $200 or so of furniture due to damage, but I have to meet a $2500... Read more

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We bought a dual reclining sofa 838-31 power 807-15 stone sofa. In July of 2015 this year,the material starting shredding. We went to the store where we bought it Steger Furniture in Pekin,IL. They said there was nothing that could be done and it would continue to shred. We went to an upholstery store and they said if we could get replacement cushions they could install them but there was no guarantee that they would not do the same thing. It... Read more

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I bought two leather sofas six months back. The sofas have one year manufacturer warranty and are covered by Sams club satisfaction guarantee. Now of sofa has problems like leather is tearing part. The store in Normal, IL refused to return or exchange. They even told that furniture does not come under member satisfaction guarantee, which I believe is completely lie. Since I used online purchase/pay at store option, store said to contact... Read more

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Approximately two years ago, I purchased a Madison Euro mattress for my mother from the Normal, Illinois store following her shoulder replacement surgery. My mother recentlycomplained to me that whenever she lays in her bed, she sinks down into a permanent groove in the mattress. The mattress came with a 15 year warranty, so I called the store to ask what options were available to resolve the issue. I spoke with someone who later identified... Read more

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We purchased a new 2005 Toyota Corolla several years ago and had a good experience with the sales team and service department. Although we lived out of town, we continued to bring the Corolla back to Pekin for its regularly scheduled service appointments. All had gone well until the vehicle went through a costly 100,000 mile check-up. No problems were reported but a couple weeks later, the heater was not working. We called the service... Read more

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The show filmed in Waco, my home state, is a total humiliation to anyone in the trades, or from Texas. I believe it is called "Fixer Upper". She is the worst "designer" on HGTV in it's history and the husband is a total *** who is not at all funny, nor is he a contractor that anyone wants to work with in that area. HGTV needs to be more particular and choosy about who they put on the air. I know a lot of real contractors in Waco and they've all... Read more

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Allegiant cannot be trusted!!! They cancelled my flight to St. Pete/Clearwater Florida on the day of travel. Was on hold for over one hour. Once connected to customer care I was told my flight is "potentially rescheduled" for tomorrow. And I may be compensated $50 or $100 in a voucher (presumably to book another cancelled flight on this *** airline). Of course this does not take into consideration lost time at work, an extra day of travel, my... Read more

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Just like everyone else who got scammed, I bought the 25$ outfit deal during the July 4 deal. Irresponsibly of me, I only just checked my checking account in November. Fabletics had taken $49.95 out of my account automatically four times- once a month since August. I called them and they got very defensive and explained that "it was stated 3 times that you could opt out of the VIP enrollment." Yeah I'm sure it was stated somewhere, in the fine... Read more

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I paid my bill back around December 2012 and they said they'd pay half of it when I did. It never ever happened and I'm sitting here in debt with their freaking butts. I gotta pay them 600+ dollars for something their dumb customer service reps won't do and fix for me. I refuse to pay my bill and want them to send it to a collection agency. I really hate their service and find the company a joke in a half. I am now ruined thanks to their reps. I... Read more

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