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Hello!! Here is my job details my business is based on Fashion i make clothes, so i decided to turn it into a large scale business by having my own new website, so i can make my product available online, i need a best of the best layout design for it and i will need... Read more

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I see now that i have to switch insurance companies because my experience with unique is ridiculous. I had a car accident and they towed my car to their so called shops and it has been 6 weeks and my car still isnt fixed! They took a month before they gave the approval... Read more

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Worse company ever I would never recommend them to anyone

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While preparing to return stateside after three years living overseas, we needed to purchase a car and have it ready upon our return. We knew the car we were looking at was a salvage title and wanted a competent mechanic to ensure it had been correctly repaired. When I... Read more

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My 80 year old Mother-in-law bought a new TV from Best Buy, Melrose Park, Illinois. She asked what happens if there was something wrong with it and was told she could bring it back for an exchange within 15 days. When we set it up for her a week later found out that... Read more

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I Recently Filled A Dispute On The 25th Of April 2016 & When I Filled The Claim One Of The Representatives Added Extra Transactions To The Claim That Weren't Supposed To Be On There & Now The Claim Is Closed Cause I Filled For Signature Purchases & She Added Atm... Read more

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Sorry, but this new twist taste AWFUL! I poured it out. It is nothing like diet sieraa mist, taste like a bad, stale generic version of sierra mist. Until you go back to the real diet sierra mist i will not purchase any of your products. This is a really good way to... Read more

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Still on the phone CURRENTLY after loading this scam of a card 9hrs ago just to make a cell phone payment over the phone since I couldn't physically make it into the store.... I can not get authorized to use the card even after submitting a STATE ID, SOCIAL SECURITY... Read more

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  • Jul 08, 2015
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ATT supposed to send me a rewards card for $250. for switching my service. They didn't tell me when I was switching from Directv, them to ATT, look in the mail for a letter to claim the reward. I didn't received any letter with the information. And I lost $250...

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This company is a complete scam. I ordered my the Love Medley Bouquet for my daughter- a bouquet of pink, red and hot pink roses in a clear vase with a mylar balloon for her 30th birthday, because she loves pink for $75.00. The picture showed at least 24 roses from... Read more

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