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I got a few of their catalogs and one day decided to order a couple of items using the "credit" system they have. Ordering was ok online. Everything was as easy as it could get. My problem started after I hit the send button. One of my items was out of stock and I received several emails about that. It was annoying but the worst was yet to come. Five days later, I got a letter from the mail saying that my order was on its way. Two days after... Read more

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I stopped @ your branch in Macomb Il this afternoon. Door was locked, good security, I liked that. Sign saying Members can't open door, liked that. So now if you're gonna have this policy you at least need to hire someone that their job is nothing but answer the phone & BE THERE when a new customer arrives. Now my health has been poor this year & my Doctor insists that I start to exercise to improve my health & my dependency on... Read more

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I originally set up a reservation on June 3, 2013 for 3 U-Boxes to be packed around 6/15/2013 and delivered to Illinois from South Carolina by 7/1/2013. I finalized my packing date for 6/19/2013 and wanted the boxes in Illinois by 7/1/2013 to further set a specific delivery date and time. After I packed my boxes, my original reservation was lost and I was called to re-book my reservation. It took two days for U-Haul to call me back, even after... Read more

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Stylist Jamie at the Macomb, Illinois store was too busy checking out the comings and goings of people in Wal-Mart to cut my hair properly. One side was very noticeably longer than the other, it was awful. I am always very nervous about getting my hair cut and people like her are why. I can't believe I paid to get butchered! My granddaughter's first birthday party was the next day so my daughter did a little trimming to try to even my hair out.... Read more

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I ordered the loveseat and recliner on September 5th, 2016, and was told it would be 3 to 4 weeks. I called back the end of September and was told the 1st week of October. I called back today, the 7th of October and was told the 1st of November. I am very disappointed and angry that these items keep getting pushed back. Will I ever get my furniture or do I have to cancel.They have been paid. The more i inquire the more I get excuses and delays.... Read more

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I had my kids Easter pictures taken on March 24th. I was told they would be available to pick up either April 4th or 5th. That weekend, I went to another town, thinking that when I got home, I should stop & pick up my pictures. We stopped at Walmart in Peoria, to see the signs that their studio was closed. I went to our Walmart only to see that they too were closed. I checked with customer service--no pictures. I've been waiting... Read more

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When did one side of the bread on the cold apple chicken salad sandwich start being toasted? If always as it was stated to me then it was so lightly toasted that I didn't realize it. This my favorite summer sandwich.when home or traveling I know what I'm going to get at Arby's. Yesterday I went to my local Arby's ordered the sandwich when I got home -- it tasted terrible. I looked to see why and noticed the underside of my bread was dark... Read more

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Hello, Ive been buying your products for years.Especially the "Long last" lip color.In fact I've even referred the lipstick to many of my girlfriend s.Problem is the wand doesn't go to the bottom or theres alot towards the top, Wasted.I have several I cant use.I wear this long last every day.Please help. Read more

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the dealership was so *** and did not know anything about how to process paperwork to purchase a vehicle causing extreme stress to the buyer. the dealership has no knowledge about cars, trade-ins or how to do their job. I should not have to do their job for them. This dealership should not be in business! I have worked at dealerships in the past and I could do their job for them blind. No one at this dealership should have a job or be in... Read more

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Very poor customer service! Manager woukdn not price match, well because he didnt want to. He basically told me he wasnt going tonprice match me! Its his choice and he doesnt wamt to. WALMART NEED TO QUIT GIVING THAT AUTHORIZATION TO MANAGERS. ITS WALMARTS GUAREENT TO MATCH COMPETORS LOWEST PRICE ON SALE PRICES. IBHAD ADS AND HE STILL WOUKD NOT PRICE MATCH! WALKED OUT VERY DISAPOINTED! I GUARENTEE I WILL NOT EVER SHOP AT WALMART AGAIN! Read more

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