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Country Financial - Cancelled my policy after an uninsured driver hit me. 2.3 Moved to IL and shortly there after a box trick hit my vehicle and took off. Which falls under the uninsured driver policy. After the rep. I was... Wendys - 1740 west court st. kankakee ill. 2.8 ON MONDAY NIGHT.6-26-2017 -7;30 pm MY WIFE AN I STOPPED HERE FOR SOME CHILI AND FOUR DOUBLE BACON BURGERS TO GO. WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN HERE. I... Mcdonalds - Bad hygiene at the register!!! 2.3 Went up to order Sundays for my grandkids and the cousins. The girl at the counter was cleaning the garbage basket out, so when she saw me come up to... DIRECTV $200 REWARD VISA CARD 1.8 WHAT A JOKE!!!!! I HAVE RECEIVED SEVERAL EMAILS AS WELL AS FLYERS IN THE MAIL REGARDING THE $ 200 VISA REWARD CARD. ONE EMAIL THAT SAID THEY WANTED... 100% full Straight Talk Wireless - Not using this horrible company any more! 1.4 My two month old phone can no longer find service and these *** can't fix the problem. I do not have all day to chase this problem. I'm busy, I... Yahoo - It Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want the smaller older version back..this new one sucks..i dont need to have contacts available that i dont know..i wanna add who i ... Nabisco - Review in Food Manufacturers category from Kankakee, Illinois If your not making them in America, we wont buy them. We will make sure to let all family and friends know not to buy Nabisco any longer. There are... 4seating - NOT AGAIN Ordered four custom Palliser chairs. order estimated 4-6 weeks. called middle of fifth week to check on order. chairs done for 2 weeks , just...