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Walmart - Pharmacy complaint I called in my medications two days early they said it would be ready the next day after 5pm. I went to get my medications two days later and the... Safeco Insurance - Accident was a jolt! Dealing with Safeco was a disaster. 1.0 I was recently rear ended by a Safeco insured. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported but like with most accidents there were damages. The... Securus Technologies - Phone Service Review from Jacksonville, Illinois 1.0 I want my *** money back. $51.25 unlimited calls for 1 month. He called and u charged $29.95 and $14.99 for one *** call.$97.19...for 15 minutes!... Familia Dental Dentures Review from Jacksonville, Illinois Ch have been fitted for dentures three times since March of 2014. I still have not received a set of sitting dentures. First that were completely ask... Applebees - Jacksonville, IL - Poor Customer Service, Dirty Waiter 2.6 I am not one to usually submit a review or complaint, but this needs to be done. I don't believe the use of honey, baby, sugar, sweetie, dude, guy, bu... Walgreens - Refund will not be given for a double deduction 1.0 Walgreens deducted 2 copays on the same date and time from our checking account on 12/24/15 and has yet to refund the payment. The assistant manager... Payanywhere - New EMV reader for phones is ridiculous Why oh why would a huge card processing company make a device that plugs into a headphone jack on a phone incompatible with a phone case? If I use... Reminisce - Book sent that was not ordered Reminisce Book Marketing Services sent us a book (about $30) that we did not order. Now the Post Office won't take it back until we PAY to return it....