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I William Hughes, a regular Harry and David Customer signed up again to send Vivian Otteman fruit each month. For the first money I purchased an extra gift box. As you can see in her message back to me, the pears did not meet your usual standards. Original... Read more

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I filed a hospital indemnity claim a bout a year ago, the claims department had denied the claim based on an exclusion that does not exist in the conract. I was asked to appeal the denial back in July of 2015, however, aside from receiving a brief statement stating... Read more

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First id like to say i love potbellys im in a wheelchair ive been a costumer for 15 year's everyone knows i sell photos for at least 7 of those year's during this time ive gotten to know many people who work and live there it shouldn't be a problem getting a partition... Read more

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When I select my address on the website to order online but after I do that it doesn't load and kicks me back to the previous page.

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During your nat'l dollar I frequented 3 of your locations of which are not close to my area at all and they all said they were not participating. This is horrendous false advertising and really makes not want to be a customer of yours any longer.

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I bought red leather furniture in 2011 and it cracked.

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House broken into and garage. Just about every thing stolen. This was Nov. 2015. Didn't like first paperwork submitted. Didn't call to tell me. Never received anything in mail. Agent constantly on vacation. Now for another two weeks. I have no income. Doors need... Read more

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5 min ago, I placed an on-line order. I did it because there was a big blue sign that said 25% off. Then if I spent over $30, I'd get free shipping so I spent over that amount for the free shipping. I put in my information and watched for the 25% to be taken off. I... Read more

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  • Dec 07, 2015
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Best Buy is full of ***. They say that will price match, but they find every excuse they can, not to do it. I found a tv on and took it to best buy in Homewood Il to match, but the sales customer service associate glat out lied in my face. She told me that...

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