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Potbelly Sandwich Shop - Waste Of My Time 2.1 Sorry for the rant guys - here's the short version (seen at bottom as well) -- The overall phone call took 19 minutes to complete, and I am still... Harry And David - Problem with order #5200461833 I William Hughes, a regular Harry and David Customer signed up again to send Vivian Otteman fruit each month. For the first money I purchased an extr... Potbelly Sandwich Shop Manager Review from Homewood, Illinois 3.3 First id like to say i love potbellys im in a wheelchair ive been a costumer for 15 year's everyone knows i sell photos for at least 7 of those... American Family Insurance - Homeowners Insurance Review from Homewood, Illinois 1.0 House broken into and garage. Just about every thing stolen. This was Nov. 2015. Didn't like first paperwork submitted. Didn't call to tell me. Never... Manhattanlife - Claims 1.0 I filed a hospital indemnity claim a bout a year ago, the claims department had denied the claim based on an exclusion that does not exist in the... Cvs Pharmacy - LOST MY 25% OFF 1.0 5 min ago, I placed an on-line order. I did it because there was a big blue sign that said 25% off. Then if I spent over $30, I'd get free shipping... Us Bank are scammers and thieves! 1.0 They change the dates to give you the overdraft fee. I caught them in their lie and took a picture of my account, I gave my landlord the rent on the... Luna Flooring - Carpet Review from Homewood, Illinois Refused to use glue strips
Would not touch it do too tile that had strips already installers from the time they got here only looked for a way not to...