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Saferwholesale - Could not get titles or refund on warranty (2) scooters 1.6 I purchased 2 electric scooters on 8-13-17 I received the bikes on 8-25-17 I filed for the titles on 8-28-17 I did receive one title & submitted (4)... Saferwholesale - Their crooks, lyers, Frauds, unprofessinal, with low ethics. And I am sure if they making 4 million a year thats a lot of scamming! 1.0 Saferwholesale/Great sports, Will rip you off like they have done me. I buy a Tiger trike 300cc. I pay for full assembly and residential delivery.... Saferwholesale - They suck and lie 1.0 Ordered 2 items and 1 arrived as promised but second item will not make delivery . There answer was for me to go get it at freight terminal wich is 2... Saferwholesale - What Customer Service? 2.1 I bought my scooter on September 19, 2016 and I have only had problems with it since I received it! I received a 6 month warranty; but when I tried... Comcast - Missed appointement 1.9 tech didn't show up from 1 to 3 pm
they called and said tech will be in at 4pm
no show!
we called at 430pm and they have a *** story like them...
was on hold for more then 30 mins to hear some more *** from those people....
Value City Furniture - BUYER BEWARE I took off work today waiting for a delivery. The furniture delivered damaged and missing a piece. The store where it was purchased was not empathic... Darvin Furniture - Horrible! I purchased a dining room table with chairs (over $1k) a little over 2 years ago, and one chair broke. The wood completely just split in half from... Ryland Homes - Home Construction Review from Frankfort, Illinois I build for Ryland and not by choice my contractor works for them
Ryland wants you in and out the sooner I'm done with my work the sooner you can move in an the less money Ryland will have to pay on the land