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Recently I purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren pants at Macy's St. Claire Sq. store. After wearing them the second time I noticed a big opening next to the zipper. Upon closer inspection, it was evident that it had not been stitched properly since the opening was in the... Read more

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I want to start off by saying I am very frequent customer of the Dobbs location in Shiloh, IL and I do not have enough good things to say about the people and the service at that location. Unfortunately for me that location was booked solid through the week and I was... Read more

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We had a similar experience but even worse. We went in for a check engine light service to come out with $2275 service they claimed we needed. Because they were polite, I believed them. One hour later, the check engine light came right back on. Took it back, the... Read more

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Since June of last year I have tried to make reservation at least 25 different resorts Interval International advertises for and not one has had availability. I was advised to pay $180 x2 ( one for each room Unit that I had banked from Westgate) and still no... Read more

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spending extra money for a law firm that was supposed to be on the man's side of a divorce cost me plenty, and not just in legal fees. First i was given a female lawyer and she seemed to be constantly wanting me to offer extra things to my ex. I had property before we... Read more

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I Was told to leave my merchandise at cash register by Assistant or Manager not sure what the employee title was. I was paying for merchandise with a check the cash register wasn't working properly it kept sending the check back so the cashier Requested help from... Read more

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Order two chocolate shakes and an unsweet tea. We pulled up to the window and the worker said, "I have no idea what you ordered." We told her again. She handed us a sweet tea. We mentioned that it was sweet. She replied, "It's still sweet?" She made a new tea that was... Read more

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  • Jan 13, 2016
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Auto zone and East St Louis Illinois. The staff if you ask for a part it's like you have to go step by step through what you need. Give you return part move faster to get you out..Very unpleasant place to go.. No training for public .

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I recently bought a bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal store in Fairview Heights IL. Upon arriving to the store, we looked through all of the bridesmaids dresses and then stood in the front of the store waiting for 10 minutes before someone asked us if we needed... Read more

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After saving up for the last five years we were finally ready to build our dream house. When it came time for hardwood I read about how durable bamboo was supposed to be and with two big dogs and a four year old in the house durable is what we needed. We looked at a... Read more

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