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Wendys - Complaint 1.0 I spoke with the Manager Adriana once I discovered hair in my food I called her within 5 minutes of leaving the drive thru . Once I returned I was... Studypool - Don't get the answer right away. They say "view answer" then you pay to view the answer then they tell you wait for a tutor to answer this question. This is very deceiving for... Featured Rodent dropping in Nabisco saltine crackers 1.0 After opening one pack and eating about half of it, we noticed a rodent dropping in the pack. How appalling! We immediately stopped eating it. This... Nissan Sucks! 3.5 I put my faith, trust, and safety in the hands of Nissan. Brand new 2013 Nissan Altima! 3 weeks after the warranty ran out the transmission went... CenturyLink/Directv Bundle WORST BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, EVER! Entered an agreement in 3/14 for a bundle at $127.99 over 3 yrs...NOT ONE bill has been at that amount. Filed a... LISTIA SUCKS! 1.0 Listia had banned my account to someone hacking in to my account and stole over 10K of credits! They stole everything and listia just well, did... Edgepark Medical Supplies - Order 2/2/15.. Rec 2/20/15 after last Iliostomy bag broke open on 2/17!! Long 50 minute waits on phone.. DONE withEDGEPARK! Called 2/14 to find out why I didn't have my order (40 min wait).Micheal said it wasn't released becuse they couldn't get in touch with my dr..I was... Dresslily - Dress Review from Dixon, Illinois k I tried to order today and yesterday 6-10 x s but you all won't let it off Afghanistan when I want to say United States..
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