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I'd like to kick that s.o.b. right in his f'in mouth with his creepy mustache and bobbing adam's apple with his dyed hair! When I have the tv on I have to walk around with the remote in my pocket so I can mute the s.o.b. jackhole! Bought his *** pillow when first... Read more

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I contacted Montway in early December hoping to have my car transported from Stony Point, NY to Naples, Florida in late December. While they informed me it was a typically busy time, at no time did they tell me it would be impossible to meet my timeframe (as it turned... Read more

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Rosie did not listen to me. I asked for caramel brown highlights and I got blonde. They weren't even highlights. My hair looked like opposite ombré. She cut ugly layers in my hair after she colored it. She never gets it right and expects me to pay for her service, then... Read more

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I booked to transport my car from Florida to Chicago. 1. they were 2 weeks late to pickup 2. They damaged my car , $3200 . When I called to tell them they damaged my car, the dispatch person hung up and when I called back, the foreign man told me to not call back. My... Read more

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I was going to deposit my CHASE payroll check today into the ATM and saw before I finished the transaction that funds wouldn't be available till the 24th. I cancelled the transaction and it said on the screen "Last transaction cancelled" However I did not get my check... Read more

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I am a former employee of this company and have seen them screw so many borrowers over I don't know how they still have a contract with dept of education. They have had a credit card breach which is on file with the des plaines police dept. They have had information... Read more

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Sunday 1/13/17 my wife and I went into the K-mart on Lee Rd, inDes Plaines. IL to shop. We puchased ski pants and Round Sofa seat for toalet, and other stuff. After making a purchase I check pants at home and looks fine. But I was wrong, because when I went to ski last... Read more

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Worst glorified air mattress ever! You may want to just buy a coleman air bed and throw a foam topper on it, at least coleman makes a quality product! Waste of money! Read more

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I thought luna to be a very established company who did work in one day proved wrong; They are the greatest liars.I chose them to do my living room ang stairs'I signed the contract on8/22/16-lamination for living room and hardwood on stairs.I regret my decision... Read more

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Empire Today's reply to:

Dear Customer, it’s disappointing that you weren’t happy with your sales experience. We’d like to speak with you more to better understand what happened. However, we aren’t able to look up your account with the information provided. Please send your account and... Read more

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