My wife and I needed our taxes done. So we went the tax preparer. The suite was a WFG office. We had our taxes complete. Because I wasn't working I was asked if I would come to a meeting. So I did. I saw a video and a presentation about WFG and how they helped families. I was interested so I went to another meeting this one was a different type. Yes you can work at your own business,Make 30k or more a year.Part time. So I told my wife that I'm... Read more

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I entered into a contract to purchase a 70's Buick from a dealer affiliated with JJ- I put down an initial 10% on a credit card, then wanted to add cash- that's where the C.F. started. After I paid an additional 30% by cashiers check, my loan ( which had already been approved ) came back "missing" almost exactly $1,000.00. I called JJ and spoke to "Lenny" who told me- "don't worry about it- just sign the papers and we'll fill in the amounts... Read more

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Pulte developed a proprietary gutter/soffit/trim system called Pultrim in 2005 and used it on new homes up until 2009 when they stopped its manufacture and use due to severe gutter crack problems in mid-west/northern climates and UV issues in the South. A total of 490 homes in Pulte/Del Webb's Grand Dominion community have Pultrum gutters and severe cracking has been documented in more than 60 % of these homes all of which are less than 5 years... Read more

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Bonnie Kline of Morning Sun Kennels sold us an Entlebucher Mountain Dog in April of 2010. We were promised "introductory documents" from her that described the purebred dog's lineage and health. Despite multiple requests, these documents were never received. We also were to receive his registration papers once he was neutered and these were never received. The documents from the vet were sent electronically and by mail and confirmed received... Read more

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I was involved in a car accident by a Allstate customer. This terrible wreck totalled my new of only 2 months vehicle. After months of going back and forth with my lawyer with Allstate. I got to pay off my car loan and my credit score dropped tremendously! Share a car which I didn't have to before. Put out more money flr gas and other expenses that should have been taking care of. At the end all I was given was $100.00 compensation for all... Read more

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