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I was interested in obtaining a High School Diploma so I seeked assistance from Midwest Adult Academy. I took the required exam and scored high on it and recieved a High School Diploma as promised.I was told by the administration assistant that the Diploma was recognized by several Colleges including M.A.T.C. I attempted to get into M.A.T.C as well as several other Universities using that so called diploma and was denied.When I spoke with... Read more

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First time using sittercity and my first job was a scam by David Jones. I send an message about Me being interested working for him he messages me back saying "send me your email. I *** as I am send it the next morning her send me an email saying all this: Your response to the advertised position has been received. Without much delay I would like to get you familiar with a few facts about the position. This is a personal position I am offering,... Read more

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Frito Lay - Review about Cheddar Potato Chips from Chicago, Illinois
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My sister was eating cheddar and sour cream potato chips when she pick up this chip with blond hairs!! Read more

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Never in my lifetime have I been so disgusted and appalled with the service or in this case, the shoddy service provided by a business. As a client, over the course of multiple months, i've interacted with Claudia Fernandez, Senior Paralegal (my primary contact) and Kerry Baez, Customer Service Supervisor. In mid-January, I'd placed an order to have a corporation reinstated. The docs they created for my signature were missing pertinent... Read more

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I work in the Quincy mall at a retail store and today I decided to stop into Buckle to look at some tops. I wish I wouldn't have gone in at all. My last visit made me feel so uncomfortable that I left without making a purchase. When I walked in the Store manager openly asked another employee "Is that her?", nodding at me and this made me feel uncomfortable, so I left. I didn't know what she was referring to about me, but who wouldn't be... Read more

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I'm a very pissed off customer!!! I purchased a $500.00 television in November 2014 and was told that I could pay it off in 3 months. When I tried to pay it off they told me that I missed the day to pay off. B.S!! Now I called to say my payment will be late this month and it's like being questioned by the police!!! What am I paying for this benefits plus and all these fees if don't benefit me?? Something needs to be done!! The people that work... Read more

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At the San Juan pr JetBlue we received an email saying flight 462was going to be delayed, JetBlue said the flight was delayed till a little after 12:15now the customer service dept desk is telling us the flight been delayed again till a little after 1:40.If was to change my flight to a different time I was going to be charged extra. But now it's JetBlue that needs to change the time of the flight because the planes are late.But jet blue don't... Read more

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