Please investigate before using lending club. The origination fee is insane and I ended up paying more then I received at payoff after 1 month. This surely was a rip off. Shame on them for misguiding people that needed help. The Gov'mt should look into this more. Read more

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I have a sprained ankle and am in an Aircast. I needed a prescription filled to take down the swelling in my foot. I called Wal-Mart to see what time their pharmacy closed to which I was told 9pm. I hobbled into Wal-Mart and found the pharmacy. It was 8:30pm on the dot. Upon approaching the window I made eye contact with the man behind the counter. I then stood there for about 5 minutes. Finally, the man said to me, "Hello, ma'am. We... Read more

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Kumon is the worst franchise to own here in the U.S. I quit a high paying job in Chicago in 2010 to start a Kumon learning center. Initially, everyone was friendly and painted rosy picture about the franchise. I went through the motions and finally got my center up and running after investing close to $120,000 in build-out, lease, furniture, training etc. No sooner started my Kumon learning center, I was asked to spend $4000 on advertising. I... Read more

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I was interested in obtaining a High School Diploma so I seeked assistance from Midwest Adult Academy. I took the required exam and scored high on it and recieved a High School Diploma as promised.I was told by the administration assistant that the Diploma was recognized by several Colleges including M.A.T.C. I attempted to get into M.A.T.C as well as several other Universities using that so called diploma and was denied.When I spoke with... Read more

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In Dec 2007 I purchased a Nu Wave Oven Pro. I use it once each day. It is now May 29 and today I just received the second replacement dome because the first 2 domes developed large cracks, just from normal use. I complained to the seller who told me that the dome I received today was going to be heavier. Well it isnt heavier it is exactly the same as the last 2 domes, made of plastic!! I would never have purchased the oven if I knew that the... Read more

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First, don't think that ordering furniture from Costco is like ordering any other merchandise. It's a completely different beast. You will be left at the mercy of the manufacturer and the shipping company and Costco WILL NOT HELP YOU. You may love a piece of furniture and are in a rush to buy, but please read my experience first before you do so. Summary: if you are OK with waiting a very long time (longer than Costco claims) for your order,... Read more

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If you have experienced a tempurpedic mattress that feels like it is falling apart and not doing what it did the first year you got it, we may have good news. We noticed the foundation boxes creaking and the bed peaking in the middle. The sides of the bed were like soft cream cheese and there was no support. You sunk so far into the mattress and it was so lopsided that it caused us to be sore and ache all night and each morning. As it turns out... Read more

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I know someone who gives me arbonne samples every once in a while. I appreciate it, because I can't afford a lot of luxury like weird massage oils and digestive teas and strange unlabeled vitamin pills. I appreciated it because it was a very sweet gesture, but I don't just use products that have zero information printed on them. I admit I like the male and female toners, because they smell really good, but the rest of those skin products aren't... Read more

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I went to Clear Choice on Michigan Avenue in Chicago based solely on media representation. My problem is the quick deterioration of the teeth, despite the claims of the superior material used in the composition of the implants. This began shortly after the implants were done. I was not consistent with wearing the the night appliance as I also have the inconvenience of a CPAP machine, yet the extent of the wear on the teeth, within just a few... Read more

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I have a posting at this website regarding my experience with Aspen Dental and Dr. Chowhan in Bourbonnais IL. Until today it had been a while since I had visited and only did so today when I was told there had been some negative responses to my posting. I tried to remove my posting but apparently that is not allowed SO, I will try to address the issue through this channel. My experience with Dr. Chowhan has nothing to do with "terrorism" "nazi"... Read more

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