Please investigate before using lending club. The origination fee is insane and I ended up paying more then I received at payoff after 1 month. This surely was a rip off. Shame on them for misguiding people that needed help. The Gov'mt should look into this more. Read more

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Kumon is the worst franchise to own here in the U.S. I quit a high paying job in Chicago in 2010 to start a Kumon learning center. Initially, everyone was friendly and painted rosy picture about the franchise. I went through the motions and finally got my center up and... Read more

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I know someone who gives me arbonne samples every once in a while. I appreciate it, because I can't afford a lot of luxury like weird massage oils and digestive teas and strange unlabeled vitamin pills. I appreciated it because it was a very sweet gesture, but I don't... Read more

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12/13/10 My husband opened a letter with no return address. Inside was a letter from US Airlines Fly the US Skies stating that he had qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets,up to $1400.oo anywhere in the continental U.S. That they had tried to contact... Read more

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In Dec 2007 I purchased a Nu Wave Oven Pro. I use it once each day. It is now May 29 and today I just received the second replacement dome because the first 2 domes developed large cracks, just from normal use. I complained to the seller who told me that the dome I... Read more

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What ever you do do not do business with this company. I am a former employee of 5 years and manager. I can tell you this is the biggest rip off company in the world. After 5 years I resigned because I couldnt stand working for a company with no integrity. All they... Read more

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Wednesday night,July 17, 2013, I had a massage appointment with a masseuse named DJ at Massage Envy. I’ve been a member of Massage Envy for over 2 years but due to a fall last August in which I tore 4 of my hamstrings I have not been able to partake of massages for... Read more

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My wife and I needed our taxes done. So we went the tax preparer. The suite was a WFG office. We had our taxes complete. Because I wasn't working I was asked if I would come to a meeting. So I did. I saw a video and a presentation about WFG and how they helped... Read more

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I went to Clear Choice on Michigan Avenue in Chicago based solely on media representation. My problem is the quick deterioration of the teeth, despite the claims of the superior material used in the composition of the implants. This began shortly after the implants... Read more

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I worked at KinderCare for just under 3 years. My district manager "got rid" of 13 directors in a year and a half. I can tell you, the licensing requirements for DCFS are not of importance for this company. If you are knowledgable about minimum requirements, they do... Read more

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