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Inspector showed up at our house and the first thing he did before measuring the depression in the mattress was building up the creator by pushing on the mattress all around the sides of it. Before doing this the depression was 1/1/2 inches deep, but when he finished... Read more

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I will never use Cabinets to Go for another home flip of mine. It has been a stressful nightmare! I thought I'd give them a try, and it's been one mistake after another on the order. You would think that when there's been a mistake or something they did, they would... Read more

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In August 2011 I made good on a promise to our teenage daughter to repaint and spruce up a room for she and her friends to “hang out” in the basement of our old house. When it was all done I agreed to trip to Ikea to get a futon, some chairs, a TV stand, etc. After the... Read more

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Dear Brian, Thank you for your post. We are happy to hear that your experience had a positive turn around, and that your concerns were answered at a timely manner. Thanks for sharing! Read more

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I am a professional photographer and plan to ship my equipment for clean and check, spoke to Kristine from Kinko FedEx in Bolingrook IL, I provided all information including request for an additional insurance ..she said she will verify ...she said everything is fine... Read more

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Without getting into too much detail here is what happened: According to a ton of other articles that I wish I would of read before signing up for this scam, it looks like it happens frequently if not always. 1-They Lie 2-You sign up 3-CitySearch site says you've had... Read more

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To Whom it May Concern,Beware of the merchant Becker Service Center. I hired them install a new clutch kit for my Jeep on October 31st, 2011 and the work is not completed properly now causing damage to the parts therefore having me to pay to have the job completed... Read more

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This company is the biggest joke! I am a white guy married to a Mexican woman who does not have a license yet and Loya's Liars pulled us in one day at Walmart and told us that she would be 100% covered even without having a DL. That is their first lie. I was quoted one... Read more

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We bought a temperdic mattress 7 years ago . It developed depressions where we laid. Read all of the complaints about getting no support about the 10 year full replacement. I took the necessary pictures. Did the quarter measurement and waited. Thinking, after reading... Read more

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In the early 1990's, I went to Wheaton, Il's Minerth Meier Clinic for mental health problems. My doctor, Dr. KIM, failed to make a correct diagnosis. As with every psychiatrist, she took the lazy method of carrying over the previous psychiatrist's diagnosis of... Read more

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