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I was a little apprehensive to say the least - but WOW I'm so happy I moved forward. I could not believe the savings and service I got. If you need help designing your kitchen they do it right when you walk in the door for FREE. It was so nice to sit down with an... Read more

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Called customer service to alert that I did not receive my floor inserts for my Lincoln. Was basically accused of having signed for them and requesting a replacement. Unbelieveable! FedEx delivered them today after obtaining them from down the street at another... Read more

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Answered Ditech TV ad. Wanted consolidate our debt in a mortgage. Instead of our credit card debt in the mortgage, put it all on a Ditech MCcard. The interest rate started at 7.9%. After the first year it exploded to 35%. Add the recession and work cutback and we are... Read more

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After spending upwards of $600.00 on several sets for mutiple vehicles I finally ran into a problem. The product offered is second to none but the customer service and polices after the investment leave a lot to be desired. Long story short someone decided they needed... Read more

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When asked about any possible discount for government purchases, I was told there was a 5% discount for government and municipalities. Purchases had to made via a government card to prevent fraud and thankfully, that is my only option anyway. When our purchasing agent... Read more

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Bought my son front and rear floor liners for his Chrysler 300 for Christmas. The clips on his floorboard have to go through the holes in the liners to lay flat and that does not allow him to easily remove the liners to clean. He had a hard time getting the clips... Read more

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I visited your store on 12/30 and placed a order for a 2012 Ford Exploer. The person I spoke to asked me several times the make and model and if I needed matts for the 3rd row seating. So, I was very surprised when I got home the matts did not fit my car. I called the... Read more

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My order was shipped incomplete and the guy who sold them to me had quit. I took nearly three weeks just to get in touch with someone who had some answers. Suffice it to say, nearly two months after I ordered my cabinets, I'm still waiting on the proper end pieces. :(... Read more

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The website shows a very light grey color floorliner for my honda cr-z that matches the color of the interior trim. Mats color is not as pictured...much darker and makes my seats look dingy. COST ME $48 DOLLARS TO RETURN SHIP! I was going to buy black ones to replace... Read more

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As a gift to my wife, order and received (fast delivery) the front & rear set for a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze LT (Automatic) and I am very disappointed with the poor fitting of the front mats. The security tabs/hooks are between 2 to 3 inches of diferents to the car floor... Read more

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