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Carmax sells unsafe vehicles. Technicians are honest to managers about what repairs are needed. Managers who were fry cooks a week ago now make the decision as to whether a vehicle gets safety related repairs depending on cost per vehicle reports. If the numbers are too high they throw the dice and hope the customer does not return in 30 days. SAD SAD SAD company especially Naperville IL location. Jacob Janowski is the service OPS manager and is... Read more

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I received an "Award Notification" from an unknown source which had "US Airlines" printed at the top. It promised "2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international US airport." When I called the rep, she told me it was "Universal Travel Vacations" in Tinley Park, IL and to claim this award I would have to bring my spouse to a sales presentation to explain their services, but we were under no... Read more

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What happened to Sears? They have changed for the worse, does Kmart have something to do with that? I have several complaints about Sears from the appliances, home service, & merchandise shopping. I'll start with my most recent Christmas shopping experience. I bought clothes for my kids, I spent about $450. The next day my daughters hello kitty sweat pants ripped, I went to exchange them and noticed everything I bought the day before was... Read more

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I have been with Aspen dental for about a year now. When I accepted the position as an office manager I was excited about advancing my career. If I had only known then what I now know 1 year later I would have NEVER accepted the job. The training is about 3 months long at the corporate office in New York. We learned the computer system, how to enter treatment plans and practiced presenting the treatment to patients and how to sign them up for... Read more

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Inspector showed up at our house and the first thing he did before measuring the depression in the mattress was building up the creator by pushing on the mattress all around the sides of it. Before doing this the depression was 1/1/2 inches deep, but when he finished doing his HOUDINI trick and measured the depression it was only 1 inch deep. I inquired why he did this and his reply was, he had to check the springs. This is a shoddy way of... Read more

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Telecheck refused my perfectly good check in-store at Best Buy in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was humiliated in line when the cashier announced "Ma'am, your check is denied" in front of all those people and employees. The money for the laptop computer was in my account, all of my ID matched everything else, I am a Rewards cardholder, and they wouldn't accept my check. Pissed, I called the 800 number from my cell phone in the parking lot.... Read more

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I will never use Cabinets to Go for another home flip of mine. It has been a stressful nightmare! I thought I'd give them a try, and it's been one mistake after another on the order. You would think that when there's been a mistake or something they did, they would expedite the shipment so your renovation could move forward as soon as possible. Well that is not the case with Cabinets to Go. Each time it takes at least two weeks, or more, and... Read more

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In August 2011 I made good on a promise to our teenage daughter to repaint and spruce up a room for she and her friends to “hang out” in the basement of our old house. When it was all done I agreed to trip to Ikea to get a futon, some chairs, a TV stand, etc. After the usual hours of assembly with Ikea things it all looked great, at least for a few months. One day she and her older brother mentioned to me that there was something wrong with the... Read more

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The Money Store excels in one thing and one thing only... Taking what should be an exciting time for a first time home buyer and turning it into nothing but a god awful nightmare. Between the lies, the bs, the awful loan officer and the rude associates, wow, I've never had such a displeasure as I did with this company. I was forwarded a chain email as a "status". Vince Liguori stated he didn't want to waste any more time on this client and that... Read more

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I keep getting phone calls from the head hunters from these company at least 6-7 times a day on average. I have requested each and every one of them to please please communicate to their head office and make a note that I am only looking for contract work. They seem to not understand a single word of my request. I still keep getting phone calls to this date. I have even called their main office but no one cares to respond or to pickup the phone... Read more

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