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Feldco sucks and they lie 2.4 they did not want to take the old door away they wanted to leave it in my front yard to kill my grass in hopes that some one will come by and take it... Liberty Mutual Insurance - Terrible claims,eepartment 2.3 Worst e,perience with any company I have ever dealt with.Filed a roof ha dam.agd claim.they sent out first claims adjustef who said there was dammage... Torrid - Read below! 1.0 Let me get this correct! You take the word of a worthless employer that has been written up multiple times and Torrid didn't do a *** thing about it... Wish - Please Respond ASAP 2.0 Wish forwarded my items as purchased i was not looking to buy anything i want to know how much was charged from my card? We Clean Carpets - What a rip off 1.0 My grandfather hired them to clean the carpets. After the tech left and the carpets dried somewhat, they were still dirty and not just wet. He called... People Magazine - July 31st cover is 3.1 I am so unbelievably shocked that ANY journalist or EDITOR could even think of placing such libelous (true or not), un-American (tearing apart a... Vivid Seats - Worst Seats 1.0 I paid $2100 for 2 Shakira seats row 4 and they put me in row 3 at the very end which is significantly farther away since Shakira has a center,... Denlab Direct - Class Action Suit Join Me 1.0 I live in Virginia and this company has been a nightmare to work with. I have been dealing with them since january 3 2017. I have contacted them...