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I have been a loyal customer for over 12 years. I order every month because I love the products and they have helped my family in many ways. These are the products we use in our home every day. I would never go back to buying from any other store. Their customer... Read more

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Let me start out with saying Total wireless is a HUGE headache.... The customer service reps are awful, they don't know what they are doing, and they don't even try to troubleshoot your problem!!! Don't even bother calling or chatting with them... it's a HUGE waste of... Read more

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Commercials are more important than covering the sprint race, Fox did a much better job

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Wish I could give it negative stars. And I'm not usually that person. Last July we moved less than a mile away from where we were previously living. And centurylink said they couldn't transfer our services and that I would have to cancel and restart services. So I did,... Read more

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Terrible food. Corkscrew pasta with meat sauce about one TBL. What sauce there was was so runny could not eat it. WILL NOT be going back as this is two times in a row

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Rise /Digis has apsolutely the worst service,internetservice,customer service,tect support. BAR NONE ! IN THE COURSE OF 6 YEARS,I HAVE HAD TO CALL CUSYOMER SERVICE 211 TIME FOR OUTAGES ,AS WELL AS SLOW INTERNET,AND FLASH OUTAGES. AFTER MY BILLING RATE WAS RAISED A FEW... Read more

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We did business with Amerigas for 17 years. The only complaint I had up until a year ago was trouble with a driver. He was very rude when he came out on a emergency call when my propane tank backed up and filled my home with fumes. This past year has been a complete... Read more

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I just saw a Father's Day ad where them selling you a BBQ is much more important than a son's imperfect gift. Where are the family values? Perhaps next they'll follow Target's lead and let you choose your bathroom. Gone are family values. I will switch back to... Read more

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I ordered the 75 years of farmall tractor ornaments two years ago. I ordered 19 sets because my husband worked for IH for 30 years. The Santa looks like my husband who passed away last November and I wanted to give them to my children and grandchildren for a... Read more

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The driver has had my package in his truck for 3 days. Should have been delivered but, NO. Called UPS help line they said it was at the facility but when I drove there (30 miles) it was not there. They said it was on the truck but the driver will not deliver it, WTF.... Read more

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