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This Mandarin language course has been wonderful. I am still learning from it but it by far is the best such course I've tried. As a result I've been keeping with it. There are a few quirks here and there but this course broke new ground and is much better... Read more

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Our Jayco camp trailer is junk the dealership was really proud of it when we bought it for over $20,000. When we drove it off the lot the door would not stay shut. We could see daylight in the backside of the bed. The mattress and the cushions are terrible. Very... Read more

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I emailed Melaleuca to cancel my membership. I received a response two days later advising me that I need to call them to cancel. I called to cancel and was advised that I need to complete and sign a form to cancel. I completed, signed and emailed the form back to... Read more

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This company is a SCAM. My daughter bought one months product for me and used her credit card She received another unauthorized shipment and I am not impressed with the product and totally angry at the business. I am contacting the BBB. I will never say anything good... Read more

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"So I've purchased several watches from World of Watches over the years. However, this last time will be my last. To make my story short I ordered a watch and had to return it because of an oily film on the inside of the watch crystal. When I got the exchange back, it... Read more

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BE CAREFULL, the 100% satisfaction guarantee is not what you think. ie: You buy a bottle of vitamins and decide they aren't for you after taking them. There is no warranty if you can't return the product. Of course you can't return the product because you used them to... Read more

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Whenever you sign up for ANY kind of membership, not just Melaleuca, you should ALWAYS carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of your membership. Do not rely on any person to tell you what those Terms and Conditions are, they could easily leave... Read more

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They do not disclose that they are selling a lease with a third party that is unbreakable. Then when you quit after finding out that their charges are double of what you were paying before they stick you with the lease. First Data came out and stole $3150.64 from by... Read more

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Never, ever use Western Union if you can possibly avoid it. This morning I attempted to send $1,000 to a family member via Western Union online. After they had taken the money from my bank account, they asked me to upload a scanned copy of my drivers license. So I did... Read more

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I purchased a 2016 Black rock on 11Jun 2016, at the Idaho Falls, Idaho store. And on the walk around the outdoor kitchen door was found to be warped. I was told they would order a door and I could stop by to have it installed or they could ship it out to a camping... Read more

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