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Melaleuca - Getting your money back is like pulling teeth 1.2 I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. To help a friend get her business off the ground, I bought their vitamins for 100.00. At no time was I... Melaleuca has changed my Life! 5.0 I have had nothing but success with Melaleuca, Yes its a one time membership fee now of $19. annually. They charge me $9.99 a month for my Business... Speedconnect - Shady billing practices 1.0 I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and usually mail my bill payments in once a month for all my services when I receive my SS check. The only... Speedconnect more like Lagconnect 2.1 Speedconnect provides slow internet speeds making online gaming a pain, the salesman promised a consistent 5-8 mbps even though I'm paying for the 15... Melaleuca - False advertising and marketing 1.0 BE CAREFULL, the 100% satisfaction guarantee is not what you think. ie: You buy a bottle of vitamins and decide they aren't for you after taking... Camping World - Repair -?? please 1.0 I purchased a 2016 Black rock on 11Jun 2016, at the Idaho Falls, Idaho store. And on the walk around the outdoor kitchen door was found to be warped.... Best Buy - 2016 black friday TV PURCHASED ! 3.5 I bought a TV ONLINE Order Date: 11/28/2016 ORDER #BBY01-793559024561, and I called customer service to see if there was a chance for me to go and... Melaleuca complaint 1.5 I am very disappointed in their sales tactics in NOT advising prospects what the initial meet is about. What is all that secrecy all about if they...