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This company is unethical on so many different levels. First, preying upon desperate overweight people, second, they know their product doesn't work because there is a no refund policy if it doesn't work (a legal loophole that I can't seem to understand since the... Read more

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My mom purchased her two Miracle Ears on 9/23/16. She had pretty good luck, but the charge would not keep for longer than eight hours and as time went on even shorter time. Talked to her in March 2017 and she told me that the charge was finally lasting longer. On April... Read more

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$8000.00 spent on the I8 split top king and is more uncomfortable than the $2800.00 bed i am trying to replace. They don't tell you that you can't return the $1500.00 adjustable base because another company makes it, and that in itself will discourage returning the... Read more

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The whole concept of only being chsrged when someone actually clicks on your ad makes it seem,like a pretty good deal. Turns out their explaination of source of clicks and cost oer click vs actual contacts percentage is classic bate and switch, smoke and mirrors sales... Read more

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  • Aug 05, 2016
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Behr Premium Deckover Deck Paint complaint 152306
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This product is the worst product I have ever used and I have been a do-it -myself home repair person for 20 + years. It peels and chips horribly just 6 months after application. I wasted hours and hours prepping and painting and now I have to do it all over again. ...

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1st issue - products I ordered went on sale the next day by 20%. Called to get a credit and they would not do so tried to cancel my order to reorder at the reduced price and was told it was processing for shipping. That was almost 1 1/2 months ago and I still have not... Read more

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Went to the new panara bread in hayden idaho. My sandwich and packaging looked like it was from a gas station. Also the portion was smaller then a coscto sample. That place is a rip off and will not be returning. Ill go to quiznoes next time.

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As photographers you want to maximize our time. I spent all morning creating a quote, when i submitted that it gave me an error i had to send in another format. once i wanted to send it again there was some issue with the price on the top of the quote. Seriously i... Read more

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If I could drive to their location to speak to a manager, I would do so. I have been with the company for over a decade where they have extracted nearly $9,000 from me for a website and email service. I was threatened fines by my mls because it turns out that the IDX... Read more

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I was thinking you went belly up! I just found this web site and I'm wondering if the club is looking into these reviews? Get this, Life Member #21186 since 11/1993. I think that they hit on hard times and went from three ceo's to two! Just a thought. Give it the...

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