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Mor Furniture For Less - Do not buy from here! 1.5 I purchased a bed from Mor's furniture store in Nampa, Idaho for $1,000 (paid in full) and was told it would be delivered on Sept 6th between 3pm and... Cordell And Cordell - Horrible situation made even worse due to Dan Lipsfitz with Cordell&Cordell in Boise ID 1.0 In January 2016, I scheduled an appointment with Dan regarding changing the current child custody order that was in place regarding my son, Bentley,... American Exteriors - Fire.. 1.5 I was happy for the salesperson to come give me an estimate. It is not the first I've gone through, so I had a good idea of what was to be expected... Unifirst - Charged for products that were never delivered 1.1 Unifirst is a nightmare to work with. Our company was recently closed for 2 weeks, but Unifirst is charging for products and services as if we were... Scentsy scents 1.6 I have been using the scentsy product for a few years and only used the scent newborn nursery and the snmell was fabulous. A few weeks ago I tracked... Bucks 4x4 Center - THEY JUST KEEP STEALING FROM CUSTOMERS!!! 1.0 they stole the hardtop off my 1998 TJ and when I finally found where they had moved it in the process of an unfinalized sale because as I found out... Roca Labs - Tricked after cancellation and order shipped anyway.... 1.4 I read about some of his shenanigans after I ordered and when he sent me a confirmation via text to sign I cancelled. He shipped it after... Humana left me with no coverage 1.0 In July of 2016, I signed up for Humana Dental insurance. However, I never received a letter, cards or ANY type of confirmation. I, therefore, forgot...