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Aliexpress - Robbery
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Robbery of 340 dollars on Aliexpress. Direct Aliexpress messages about 6 months warranty and direct messages from Aliexpress about quality product, but all is often fake. They did send me broken, horrible phone and then ignoring me for 3 months already. Customer... Read more

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We are absolutely disgusted with how Expedia booked our flights. Each flight was on a separate reservation and so each airline couldn't check us in to the next flight. In fact, they could not even find our booking. This meant we could not check in online, we could... Read more

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  • Oct 26, 2016
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I have bought a gaming keyboard for more than 100 usd directly from logitech website. The purchase was fine. The keyboard has wrong layout, so I want to return or exchange it. But logitech just wont reply to any email, support case, forum, nothing. This is going on for...

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They are fast at sending emails and taking money but one hand does not know what the other is doing. Try to get the right phone number then talk to someone and get a straight answer. Try to get a simple PIN # that you just paid for and be told it takes 60 days! In... Read more

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I ordered an AC Milan sweatshirt from this company on January the 10th and it should came on January the 17th, today it's February the 17th and still nothing! When I look at the shipment update which they sent me, it says by DHL that the package is in my country... Read more

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11.11.2015 i bought on aliexpress tablet in value 140.72U$, Aliexpress give me discount 10$, i make payment via paypal 130.72$ . Merchant information : New Times Technology Co., Ltd ( ) .After cca 21 days i received tablet with... Read more

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Here is my story and from what I have read online it is likely the story of tens, if not hundreds of honest people who have fallen for the Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague) honey trap. I am writing this to warn others not to make the same mistake as I did. In the... Read more

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Good Day, I would like to ask explanation what happened to my items which I send (tracking number 161599123239)? LBC texted me last tuesday that you delivered it already. And then I find out this Friday that the recipient didnt receive it because no one in there... Read more

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I have instructed Timothy Burchell to investigate someone with a personality disorder. I needed to know some basic information and some sensitive information regarding his criminal past and hospitalization. I had to pay upfront £315. What I got back of Timothy was... Read more

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The PNC bank disappointed me every single time when I had the honor to deal with them. It all started when I needed to set up a bank account in US during my temporary stay and I chose them. Every talk with their representatives was a piece of ***, they did not know... Read more

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