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I recently was charged $90.00 for a renewal fee fir US Weekly from this Magazine Outlet without notification. The worst part of it was, I thought I closed that account so the charge came through and caused an overdraft. When I received the notice from my previous... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 0 got lucky and were one of the few who have been able to taper quickly. I consider myself a well educated, mature woman (of 56) and under the "trust" of my doctor, after only 7 months of use, have become dependent (gaba downregulated). I would say if it... Read more

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We have been trying to get our accounts transferred from Sharebuilder to Edward Jones for almost a year now. It has been one thing after the other with Sharebuilders. We have been given so many different answers to our question within the last year that I have almost... Read more

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WARNING TO CONSUMERS : BAIT AND SWITCH with RCI RCI directory shows a number of attractive Japanese resorts. On calling RCI: 1) They will tell that you have to buy a membership and make a time share deposit prior to checking availability of the resort. 2) You tell... Read more

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My brother bought a $80 Boost Kyrocera cell phone from Walmart in Royal Kunia. Not even a week after, he finds that the phone is not working properly. He wants to exchange it but cant find his receipt. By calling in, my brother is told that he can exchange by... Read more

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I will never shop online and in store for this company again! I ordered 4 dresses from them, it took about a month to get to me and when it did I was so disappointed! All 4 dresses was shoved it one little plastic bag and it wasn't even folded it was all bunched up and... Read more

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Juno's 'jumping' ads slow down my typing, make my screen jump up & down thus making it impossible for me to stay on line, and fairly often 'deaden' everything I try to do [freezing takes place]. I've been a member since 1998 & was happy for the free service until... Read more

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After reading reviews here all I can say is I am going through exactly the same thing. They are holding my money and won't release. If they cared about additional security wouldn't it have been before they charged my clients credit cards? It's not security related. ... Read more

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I fell for the small print when I ordered the free (?) sample. 17 days later a package arrived with a new bottle of Instaflex, something I certainly didn't order. The sad thing is that it's working for me, and I do intend to keep using it, but the fact that I... Read more

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On March 28, 2016, I saw Fernando Pineda at the MinuteClinic in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego, Ca. I had been in the clinic on a previous visit and had a very positive experience with a different nurse practitioner. My sinuses were infected and I had let the... Read more

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