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Kate Spade - Bad!!! 2.3 This was months back when I had this bad experience but I decided to send this because there is someone I know who posted on Facebook today about... Lowes - Underhanded trickery 1.0 I was asked for my email when I purchased an item so the they could send me promos (or so I thought). I received an email for $20 Off your next $100... Ralph Lauren - BEWARE WHEN ISSUED A CREDIT REFUND Went to Ralph Lauren Outlet at Waikele (HI) on Black Friday, 11/26/16, and bought some items there that were on sale. Changed my mind and returned... Square - This can't be accidental. They are criminals. After reading reviews here all I can say is I am going through exactly the same thing. They are holding my money and won't release. If they cared... Money Map Press - "All that glitters isn't gold" Joined the weekly cash clock in early July excited about the prospect of this wonderful way to make $ following Tom Gentile's computer formula. Even g... Perfect Watches is a I bought a rolex submariner "swiss movement" watch. It stopped working after 7 months. If that was unusual you would think the company would repla... Juno Online Services - Jumping ads Juno's 'jumping' ads slow down my typing, make my screen jump up & down thus making it impossible for me to stay on line, and fairly often 'deaden' ev... Equity Trust - FTC needs to shut them down The Federal Trade Commission needs to shut this bogus company down. They are pathetic in customer service. They are ripping clients off in their fees...