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Profiling, harassment, intimidation tactics in Paradise( Target Store Kailua Kona, Hawaii) Monday, May 22, 2017 I went to shop at Target in Kailua Kona, HI and was TARGETED yet again. On this occasion, I shopped for household cleaning... Thumbtack - Fake Leads I continually get requests for quotes from folks, but when I follow through to the point of sending a quote I always notice that the name of the... Upstep - THESE ARE NOT CUSTOM ORTHOTICS AT ALL!!! I am both mad and upset the I bought Upstep supposed orthotics! These are not custom at all..At best they are cookie-cut die cut straight off the... Wyndham Hotel Group - Wydham Timeshare 1.0 I was recently in the Big Island, Hawaii near Kona. I was introduced to Wyndham Kona Resort by a friend and their timeshare program. I already have... Fox News - Megyn Kelly vs Mike Huckabee Megyn Kelly has exposed herself as a liberal plant apparently hired by Fox News to subvert conservative opinion. It took me awhile to accept this, as... MACYS CREDIT FRAUD This happened to me also. Salesman told me I would save 20% if I got a Macys card. I declined. He told me if I signed the electronic tablet he would... Northern Leasing - Please help me out here in Hawaii I rented from Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.. for a few months a year ago. I was told by their fraudulent sales person that if I was unhappy in any wa... Bingohall - Account Review from Kailua Kona, Hawaii 1.8 Do not use a regular credit card here, only prepaid. The site is not secured as I've had multiple cards just in the last 90 days end up with...