Because you have chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to review your account and address your concerns. Should you wish to discuss your issues, we recommend that you call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at... Read more

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Gazelle - They offered $200, I sent a perfect iPhone and then got an email that the back was cracked
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I got an offer of $200 for my iPhone 5. I accepted the offer and sent them a perfect phone. Today they emailed me that upon inspection the back of the phone was cracked and dropped the offer to $70! WHAT?!! I sent a perfect phone. I had to go online chat and send... Read more

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This junk is advertised as the greatest invention since the wheel. Saves hundreds. Really? The plus cost $70. Plus portability $20 + 5 yr subs + 1 phone line + 2 add ethernet lines + router + ethernet switch + sending at&t tech = 400 dollars!! If it were not for my... Read more

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In a month's time, we went from Happy Customers to No Customers: 1). Met with award-winning Ryland saleswoman, and signed contract on the second day in this journey. 2). Made first part of earnest payment and felt great about the decision made to go with Ryland.... Read more

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Pars cars is a RIPOFF!!! I wish someone would shut them down! They always advertise low down payment with no credit check when indeed they check your credit and to even get a car that is have way decent they ask for a big down payment on vehicles that are double and... Read more

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Shoplet - Review in Auctions and Internet Stores category from Tucker, Georgia
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I am absolutely astonished at your FALSE ADVERTISING, AND YOUR DOUBLE PRICED - SCAMMING service that you are offering online for "a good deal". Your company has absolutely screwed up more than I could have fathoms a company could. The picture shows 112 diapers per... Read more

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I ordered the product 10 days ago. It still doesn't show that the order has been processed. I called customer service (foreign country of course) and the rude person said to read the caveat at the bottom of the page. The caveat says allow 24-48 hours to show... Read more

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Community Club Management - Review in Real Estate category  from Tucker, Georgia
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I like to call this company "The Neighborhood Nazi". They are currently in control of my neighborhoods HOA. Not one resident wants them or has any use for them. They change the bylaws on a case by case basis to suit their own needs. What company states that garbage... Read more

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Company wont cancel subscription after multiple requests to stop. Continue to auto draft from account. Do not sign up for auto draft with these folks. Read more

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I had a rep named Matin Muhammed come to my home to give me an estimate for tax preperation. It was early January and I did not have any of my tax documents back yet. Matin used my check stubs to do the estimate. He was not able to do a full estimate because I had not... Read more

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