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Gazelle - They offered $200, I sent a perfect iPhone and then got an email that the back was cracked
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I got an offer of $200 for my iPhone 5. I accepted the offer and sent them a perfect phone. Today they emailed me that upon inspection the back of the phone was cracked and dropped the offer to $70! WHAT?!! I sent a perfect phone. I had to go online chat and send these same pix along with the serial number. They say they will get back in two business days. This company is a total ripoff and I feel scammed. How do they get away with this???? ... Read more

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Because you have chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to review your account and address your concerns. Should you wish to discuss your issues, we recommend that you call our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at Read more

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We bought a Restoration Hardware Pillar Chandelier - list price over $1200. While changing one of the light bulbs I broke the plastic socket. Sent RH an email asking where I could buy another socket. Here's what we got back: "Thank you for contacting Restoration Hardware. I have assigned you a customer profile number of 4762937 for this inquiry. The socket for our Pillar Candle Rectangular Chandelier is not available as a replacement part.... Read more

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I purchased a tempurpedic cloud luxe from Mattress Giant one day before they were acquired by Mattress Firm. After 60 days, I went into a Mattress Firm store and explained that the cloud luxe was not working for me. I was given the option of a refund or exchange. After much conversation and testing (we could not find a "regular" mattress we liked), we decided to try the next model down the cloud supreme, thinking the luxe was too soft. I did... Read more

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On 3/29/2012, I arrived at the Stockbridge location(Carmax) to make a final decision on the type of car I wanted to purchase. This day turned out to be the worse day I can remember in a very long time because of workplace integrity issue's. And the company's failure to make good to a customer that came to do some honest trading but instead was robbed of $1500 and dismissed to Mt.Zion parkway to walk back to Columbus,Ga. For the better... Read more

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This mattress was a total waste of money. After only 5-6 years the mattress was already wearing out. I contacted them, they sent someone out to inspect it. He determined that, yes, it needed to be rebuilt??? (I thought warranties would REPLACE defective products) It was going to take TWO days to rebuild. In the meantime, we would be sleeping on the floor. OR we could bring it to the factory OURSELVES & have it back the same day. This means... Read more

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I also want to complain about Kohl's 'misleading advertising'. Seems that their % off coupons and 'Kohl's bucks' MUST be used for merchandise that you CHARGE on your Kohl's charge card. Convenient for them huh? I happen to feel that using charge cards, especially being forced to use a charge card is against my personal choice and preference. If I see a good deal and have coupons to help for the purchase, I want to pay CASH or I don't need... Read more

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This junk is advertised as the greatest invention since the wheel. Saves hundreds. Really? The plus cost $70. Plus portability $20 + 5 yr subs + 1 phone line + 2 add ethernet lines + router + ethernet switch + sending at&t tech = 400 dollars!! If it were not for my brother in law who installs electronics never would of figured it out (non a 9 yr old boy). Follow instruction and internet goes down so you can't get tech 'support'.... Read more

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In a month's time, we went from Happy Customers to No Customers: 1). Met with award-winning Ryland saleswoman, and signed contract on the second day in this journey. 2). Made first part of earnest payment and felt great about the decision made to go with Ryland. 3). After spending days of time on what options to choose, we finalized our selections at the design center. 4). Made second part of the earnest payment and remained enthusiastic... Read more

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Pars cars is a RIPOFF!!! I wish someone would shut them down! They always advertise low down payment with no credit check when indeed they check your credit and to even get a car that is have way decent they ask for a big down payment on vehicles that are double and triple the value. Please do your research and read reviews on them. Almost all reviews are bad of them. They sold me a 2004 Denali for $19,000 with 99,000 miles on in. Double the... Read more

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