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Hisense customer service / repair 2.3 My Hisense 50 inch went bad the other night. The picture went very dim and then out. I called customer service and was informed that it had a 4 year... Chevron - Rude attendant in store 1.0 old foreign man yelled at me and then yelled at my friend for no reason. scared me. I will complain to the 800 number. Suwanee, Ga, Lawrenceville... Horrible Hisense 1.0 Totally received similar treatment today....called about the connector for the drain hose with pump option --found it this morning in pieces -was... Trugreen - My shrubs are dying!! I've been a customer of you guys for about seven years.Ive had just about all of the applications that you guys have to offer including the tree and... Youfit Health Clubs - They're Incompetent & Scam Artists 1.0 I signed up for the deluxe membership and ended up downgrading. When I went in to downgrade I gave my card to an associate who ended up putting in... TruGreen serviced my lawn in 4 minutes today 1.4 It's amazing how poor TruGreens service has been in the last few years. TruGreen has slipped to a new low this year. I now have a lawn full of weeds.... Trugreen - Poor Lawn Care 1.0 I called TruGreen a few months ago to complain that my lawn was being over-run with weeds. They promised to take care of it. Today my lawn is the... Trugreen won't stop calling after I cancelled their service 1.0 Trugreen sucks. They came 3 times and didn't really do much. They always tried to upsell me for hedges and bush and tree protection. One time the...