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Exede - RUN, DON'T WALK, AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY! Exede/Viasat/WildBlue was the only internet service available to me when I moved to middle Tennessee last year. Since the day it was installed I... West Elm - Review in Furniture and Decor category from Rossville, Georgia 1.2 I have always loved West Elm but I ordered all my furniture from them. I was told by Matt in Atlanta that I would order the Hamilton 2-piece leather... Dermal Meds - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Rossville, Georgia 1.0 I received a full refund for Unauthorized charges to my account last month (January) with a verbal and email promise of cancellation and of any... Jaclyn Smith Bra Review from Rossville, Georgia 4.0 Recently within the last month I have purchased 300.00 worth of bras and bra panty sets love them however very disappointed I can't wear the bras due... Integrity Staffing Solutions Work Experience Review from Rossville, Georgia 1.0 I started to work at amazon through intergrity October 31 2015 I worked there for six weeks In hopes of getting the bonus they give . The management... State Farm Insurance - Claim Review from Rossville, Georgia Called my local agent to file a claim on water damage from leaking refrigerator. They did a great job getting the claim filed. The person at the home... Food City is a predator company They have taken over Chattanooga stores and raised prices.
The prices are outrageous and their store name products are of the lowest quality.
The management is unfriendly and the old staff holdovers from BiLo hate the place....
Food City - Foodcity Fuel Rewards Program Review from Rossville, Georgia 2.0 I live in Chattanooga where Food City took over Bi-Lo. Prices for the most part have increased on many items. The FC rewards program is weak. And,...