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BUYER BEWARE / SCAM ALERT ! ! Beauty Purrs Cattery - Anthony Gonzales (Monroe, Georgia) I am writing this complaint to warn PET BUYERS & CAT BREEDERS so they do not get SCAMMED out of their money as this happened to me. Anthony Gonzales of Beauty Purrs Cattery has... Read more

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I initially contacted ZeroRez Atlanta for their $139 3-room special. I was told up front that pet stain treatment was an additional charge (I had 2 stains in 1 room, 3 stains in 1 room, and 4 stains in 1 room). When the technician showed up, he quoted me $90 per room... Read more

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  • Aug 06, 2016
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Please bring back the original cookie! The new one is an anemic tasting version. I like the dark tasting richer chocolate of the original and tHe snap of the chocolate shell over the higher and much creamier marshmallow filling. Please get rid of this fudge...

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Please do not do business with these crooks. I got a car from them and by the time I made it home, the check engine light came on. I was told to bring it back the next day. That morning the transmission started acting up. I took it back and asked if I could get another... Read more

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GC # 847 Visited on 5/19/16.,@4:17PM--Terminal1 POSDRVR-PD $29.64. MANAGER--KEVIN--Server-KEICA.,SERVER--JOHNNY. Check:F0254-Table 2 Sr Dinner---Both of us are.,old.,Disabled and I am Disabled Vietnam Vet--They said you missed the 4PM Discount 15 Min's ago-so that's... Read more

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  • Apr 30, 2016
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I ordered 4 bathing suits. Took 7 weeks to get it. It came from CHINA. It was cheap, thin and all were too small. I emailed them for return address they told me to give to a relative!!!! They refuse to give me address to return and at this point If I did have an...

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  • May 05, 2016
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Have not received order and cannot get anyone to reply.

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On February 29 I ate dinner at the golden corral in winder and the manager Jeremy was very rude. I heard him talking about his coworkers. He Lso gave me a burnt steak when I complained that the steak was to raw. He needs to go.

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I'm glad we were not suckered in. They were asking $16,000 for a 2007 vehicle. What a rip off. The salesman was extremely nice, but the manager was a *** from ***. Don't go there.

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Pos mfs first day had the vehicle started running hot and oil light came on. The da mfs didn't put no fkn oil in it. A week later catilitic converter goes out took them a fkn week to figure that out was stranded away from home couldnt work or anything. Now for the...

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