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My Pillow is a dishonest, false advertising, lying organization. They advertise on TV that you buy one get one free, then when you only get one pillow and call to find out where the other pillow is, they lie and say that you only ordered 1 pillow for that price and... Read more

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You can win against these companies. I just did. And I'm not through with them. If you want some help, contact me. I AM NOT in any related business, I make no money or benefit from this in any way. I simply discovered how to deal with them, and found some resources... Read more

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I went to North Roberts Dental Group for a routine cleaning. That is all! In the lobby they had a new flat screen tv, promoting the horrors of oral cancer. When I sat down in the dentist chair the hygienist (Kystal - HORRIBLE!!!) stated, "It was their new policy I... Read more

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Received a call from Auto Loan Finders and was told I was 100% approved for a car loan (that was a lie). Was also told the loan was based on my approval was based on my monthly income and not my credit ( that was a lie). I told them I was skeptical because I read the... Read more

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My mama always told me to start with the positive: 1. The product is very nice. 2. The sales people at the Marietta, GA store were very nice. Okay...that's it. We placed the order for our cabinets on Dec 22, 2015. We were told it would take 6 to 8 weeks for... Read more

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bought Pur filters for my nice whirpool refrigerator, bought Pur filters for my jar that i have for 5 years now. I also have a huge Zero filter and another container jar from Zero filter too. I recently bought a Drop filter. All Zero filter comes with a TDS meter... Read more

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I received an email stating my policy (of over 10 years) was late or possibly canceled. I replied to the email it shouldn't be. I received a reply to that email to call an 800 number. because I had just made a payment. I verified my name, age, phone. They claimed they... Read more

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After two months, I lost a deal on a beautiful home .... not because I couldn't qualify for a mortgage. Qualifying was the easy part. I provided every item of data I was asked for within 24 hours. I was prequalified with in 2 weeks of my application. The NACA loan... Read more

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This review is not based on the headset itself as it is toward LG. The product description on the box itself says that it includes a charger. All I received is a data cable. The first person I spoke to said that you only get a charger if you purchase it from Verizon.... Read more

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It is the worst company i ever see in US as a chinese. I will keep post my experience anywhere I can to make my voice heard. They are the worst employee i have ever seen, no matter the staff in the port or the staff in customer service. What they only care is the... Read more

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