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On May 15, 2011 I went to Walgreen's on 23 S. Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA I purchased a Greendot Card for 4.95 and loaded $200.00 on it. When I got home I tried to load my card onto my debit card and I kept getting insufficient funds. I immediately called your company Greendot and was told that I needed to fax my receipt, greendot card (showing the scratched off side) and my debit card I tried to load to 626-739-2059 I was then told to... Read more

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You can win against these companies. I just did. And I'm not through with them. If you want some help, contact me. I AM NOT in any related business, I make no money or benefit from this in any way. I simply discovered how to deal with them, and found some resources that showed me the way. I had trouble with one of the most aggregious of these servicers, and they just simply wouldn't listen. I had over six months of bad credit because they simply... Read more

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My Pillow is a dishonest, false advertising, lying organization. They advertise on TV that you buy one get one free, then when you only get one pillow and call to find out where the other pillow is, they lie and say that you only ordered 1 pillow for that price and you need to pay some more money to get the second pillow. To add insult to injury, I have to pay to return the 1 pillow for a King size bed which cost me $40.00. I am not a happy... Read more

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Ocwen increased my monthly payment by $388! They are forcing escrow on me! I called to have them remove the forced escrow and they said that they will not remove it and that I should apply for a loan modification. When you apply for a loan modification, it damages your credit. I think that Ocwen is doing this so that no other company will service your loan and that Ocwen can collect interest off of the forced escrow. Also, if the forced escrow... Read more

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I purchased my first home Oct. 2009. I am 46 yrs.old. I purchased it and the land in a land-home package through Clayton Homes. I bought a model unit and they delivered and set it up in about 2-3 weeks. I was given the key before the power was turned on one evening and never did a walk through with the manager. I have lived in my new house for 6 months now and I still do not have everything unpacked nor do I have anything on the walls as of yet.... Read more

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We posted the following on, to only have Kudzu tell us they deleted it, with no explanation. We speculate that Findlay Roofing is a paid advertiser to Kudzu, and we believe Kudzu deleted the post below because the comapny knew they were in the wrong and have no way to defend themselves. We called the comapny and asked to speak to the manager, Bryan Gwynn. After being put oh hold the secind time for five minutes, we were told he was... Read more

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Freedom Boat Club - BEST decision I could have made!
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I am based in the GA Lake Lanier location. I will update this review as necessary in the future. I just signed up and I am amazed with how wonderful this program is! We were crazy enough to call on 4th of July weekend and the managing partner had a boat for us for the ENTIRE weekend! I was just about to buy a boat and felt anxious about the decision and thank GOD I did not. I called Freedom instead and this is the perfect solution for us... Read more

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Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service - MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service Complaint Marietta GA dismissed by DPH despite Evidence
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This is what happens if you file a complaint against MAAS......The owner is Council chairman for the region where you file a complaint with Ga Dept Public Health. Notice the 2 different was changed when I said I recorded the meeting with MAAS. DPH failed to validate that failure to follow protocol is against O.C.G.A Code and Dept rule...not to mention falisifying information on the patient care report also violates PCR Data... Read more

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The only reason i have a one star is because Genevieve helped my daughter with a haircut that saved some of her hair. We got in around 2:15pm just to make an appointment but the desk told us she will look for someone and she did. Someone who can do a haircut and Ombre on a waist long hair on a walk-in really surprised me and we took it. A supposedly "13 year experienced" Shannon started the coloring process. At 6:14pm my daughter called me... Read more

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Carmax - Get Ready to PAY!!!!!!!
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Long story short: LEMON Bought a 2006 Mini Convertible with 30,000 miles. It now has 59,188. It's been in for repairs, sometimes for up to a month, over 15 times. The photos are of the work orders that I could find. There is one more to add to the collection because it is sitting in the shop right now. I got it out of the shop on May 3rd on May 31st It over heated a block from my house you can see the needle pegged hot in the photo. This... Read more

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