My Pillow is a dishonest, false advertising, lying organization. They advertise on TV that you buy one get one free, then when you only get one pillow and call to find out where the other pillow is, they lie and say that you only ordered 1 pillow for that price and... Read more

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Window World - Windows fogging...
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I just got my windows installed by Window World of Atlanta about a month ago. My windows are fogging. The funny thing is only the windows installed by Window World are fogging. My 20 year old windows are fine. They are telling me that their windows are so good that it... Read more

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Salesman Tom, writes out the paperwork explaining the window I needed and services I needed, Well Eight weeks latter, tnot the same window was delivered and then installed andnot the same window on the house,Stephanie at Window World CSRA do'sent care and she is the... Read more

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What they don't tell you, is that you'll need to tie up as much as $10,000 for several months to make $300 now. That's a 3% return on investment. Complete deception in their sales pitch on this thing. The advertisement is further deceptive in their refund policy. It... Read more

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Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service - MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service Complaint Marietta GA dismissed by DPH despite Evidence
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This is what happens if you file a complaint against MAAS......The owner is Council chairman for the region where you file a complaint with Ga Dept Public Health. Notice the 2 different was changed when I said I recorded the meeting with MAAS. DPH... Read more

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GOVERNMENT ACTION On September 13, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission filed for an Asset Freeze Order against the company and its principals, Don Juravin and George Whiting. (Case Number 8:15-cv-2231-T-35TBM, filed in the United States District Court Middle District of... Read more

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Freedom Boat Club - BEST decision I could have made!
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I am based in the GA Lake Lanier location. I will update this review as necessary in the future. I just signed up and I am amazed with how wonderful this program is! We were crazy enough to call on 4th of July weekend and the managing partner had a boat for us for... Read more

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So Oreos, as of the last year or so, outsourced to Mexico. Since then, the oreos absolutely blow. I used to eat one, and then instantly need the rest of the roll. Now, I'll have one and not want to eat another oreo ever again. It's a *** shame. I don't know what they... Read more

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1. Go through their entire program, provide all documents NACA needs, attend mandatory meetings, get approved for a loan. 2. Receive written acceptance and approval to shop for a house at $225k, find the house, put the offer on the house (with NACA's approval), send... Read more

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Sound Sensations, 337 Cobb Pkwy S, Marietta GA (770) 429-1600 I had problems with this company the first minute I walked in the door. I had a CB radio I wanted installed in my custom 2016 Chevy van, and after calling around the area, 'Andrew' from Sound Sensations... Read more

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