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Baymont Inn and Suites Tallahassee, Fl Never book online and never book through I was displaced during the recent hurricane in Georgia and was trying to find a place to stay... Directv - Tv Package Review from Kingsland, Georgia 1.0 I've been a customer for over a year and I am an unsatisfied customer. When I first got direct t.v. i told them i was on an set monthly income... Nfl - Almost done.. I am sick of the protests and the people I work with are just as tired of it. I have been a Steelers fan since 1959 and until this year have never... Tyson Foods Chicken Thighs Review from Kingsland, Georgia 2.0 I purchased two bags of quick frozen chicken from a local grocery store, one bag of thighs, the other drumsticks, Tyson brand. They were 40 oz. ... Arizona Beverages - Goop in child's mouth My minor son just drank Razzleberry Tea and had a mouth full of this goop. He spat out what he could and his tongue was covered with the film. He... Victorias Secret - Bra Review from Kingsland, Georgia I have two bras that are super comfortable but only got to wear few times cause it has an horrible smell that i cant get rid of. I washed it over 5... Economy Dentures - Dentures Review from Kingsland, Georgia 1.0 The staff and Dr. We're extremely rude! Elderly people were being humiliated in the lobby and I was talked to like a dog. My mouth has been hurting... Buffalo Wild Wings - Manager Review from Kingsland, Georgia I was recently fired from BWW because i has a table of walk outs on Super Bowl night. They had harassed me all night long & when I was with a manager...