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If you are looking to buy a home from these folks there are a few things you should know first. 1. Get your own financing if you want to close on time. 2. Get your own Closing Attorney if you want to know what you are buying. 3. Get a Licensed Home Inspector to inspect your home before closing and have all defiencientcies corrected before closing. Don't let them talk you into using their "walk-through" inspection. 4. Get your Closing Attorney to... Read more

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Love the location, love the floorplan, but "you get what you pay for". Lender did not meet the agreed upon closing date, I provided a "punchlist? well in advance to the closing and some of the issues still remain unfinished (nearly 90 days later). I performed the "walk through inspection with the Construction Supervisor" which turned out to be just an explaination on how all the features work. After moving in, could not get hardly any hot... Read more

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My kids and i visited Applebees i Cartersvile May 5th 2016 Cinco De Mayo. I ordered the $5 quesadillas. I ate 2 and as I bit into the 3 rd one, I noticed what looked like mop threads or a frayed piece of a dish rag stuck in the cheese. I became sick to my stomach. I told the waiter... he reported to the manager. The manager apologized and said that its just as bad as finding a hair in your food. I guess he was trying to console me, but that... Read more

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I rented our Mercedes-Benz GL450 via RelayRides only to find out that the renter was a convicted felon. (Armed robbery, drugs, and a bunch of other things) Then when the car was returned damaged they are refusing to pay the damages saying they are pre-existing or normal wear & tear. How are dents and scratches that were not there previously considered that! SCAM! Do not let your car be rented! They will just *** over in the end as... Read more

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My son took his 1997 Honda Accord to Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Cartersville,GA this past Friday, Dec. 5 for an oil change. Upon check out, he was told his tires were due for a rotation, but other than that, all was well. She checked this on the receipt. Shortly after leaving the service center, he heard a loud knocking coming from under the hood and then noticed the oil light was on. He pulled over and called me. I told him to check the... Read more

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i went to affordable dentures in cartersville ga. big mistake .its been 4 weeks now sence they pulled 8 frount teeth on bottom and made me a lower plate. now after 4 return trips for adjustments and to find out why they hurt so much a second set had to be made because the first ones were unlevel and made me look like i had a stroke and they ground the lower plate down so much they would cut my mouth when i wore them. they dont want to remove the... Read more

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i am experiencing the same thing with globe at this time. my husband passed in july this year and still no payout for his claim. they say that they are waiting for records from our family doctor, which i sent to them, records from an accident in 1996 that has nothing to do with his death, plus the surgeon was told by my husband when he was in the e.r. that he wanted the injured leg amputated, it was crushed and most of the bone was lost but... Read more

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Caution////Rip off for me, very dissatified////Caution///Could have been my cable connection??? Doesn't happen to anyone else I do Internet business with. When ask to deactivated account, site says follow instructions. There were no instructions. When ask for a refund of account they said it clearly says no refund of bids. Right, I asked for account refund. Last I checked I had $45. plus bids. Tried to use bids, finally gave up and deactivated... Read more

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Motel 6 Room Review from Cartersville, Georgia
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We had reservation for Wednesday night August 17th 2016 at Motel 6 Nashville TN by the airport. We were disappointed by the old beds, old room but decided to stay. Well, went to take a bath and the tub was unusable. The AC started leaking water on the room floor. The room next to us got so loud you could hear them over the tv and this was at 1pm at night. AND on the way upstairs there was a razor on the ground. We left! I've never checked... Read more

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I was banned for automation/fraud, they know I wasn't using any automation or fraud or hacking or bot or 50 other lame responses they gave, I wouldn't even know how to do any of that , they just decided I made some money for them, not enough to waste their time paying me anything so they kept it and banned me, this is such a scummy site owned and run by some scummy people. if you spend some time looking at reviews they do this all the time,... Read more

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