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Scam artists. They write there own fake reviews. You will loose your *** with these *** artists. Then the little money you have left they will fine the *** out of you to get it back. They took money out of my account on top of all this after I requested they deposit... Read more

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im a red shirt at autozone and to those customers who think autozone treats you bad and rips you off, your not alone. They do it to the employees also! And you know all those ANNOYING questions we ask you when your just trying to check out like "We have llucas on sale... Read more

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I applied at ConsumerLoans4All for a 5,000 personal loan and they told that I had been approved for a $10,000 loan guaranteed which really surprised me because I had only asked for a $5,000 loan! But before I could receive my guaranteed $10,000 loan they told me that... Read more

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I wanted to personally share my experience with KraftMaid and Home Depot as I feel that I have been grossly mistreated and would like to present my experience before other potential consumers make the same mistake I did. I have been trying to resolve issues with my... Read more

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I went in with some items to exchange from Christmas. I had the receipt to one of the items but not 2 others. I was doing even exchanges for all the items so I figured it would be a straight forward transaction. BUT, since I didn't have the receipt, I was only given a... Read more

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I received a call at about 8:30 this morning from someone at 253-246-8510 who said that I needed to call them back ASAP. I called back and talked to a guy named Michael Carter. He told me that criminal charges were being filed against me for Check fraud,... Read more

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I am so tired of being approached by panhandlers and dirty smelly homeless people (all men) at my local Publix store in Atlanta, GA. The store is Publix # 1061 and is located in Midtown Atlanta on Spring Street one block south of 10th Street near Georgia Tech. I... Read more

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World Financial Group - Gotta Feel SORRY for WFG Agents
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WFG agents trick and cheat you. Then they recruit you and teach you how to trick and cheat other people. Seriously guys. Thats how it goes there. Why do I feel sorry for WFG agents? Most of these guys and gals dont know it, but they seriously need HELP. By the time... Read more

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When I heard the ad about clear choice I thought that was the solution to my dental problems but if I had read the reviews would not have come to clear choice. They lead you on at first about having teeth in a day which is really false advertisement. I was told on my... Read more

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I regret wasting even a single dollar and moment of my life in the WFG “Family” as an Associate on its abusive and unfair AMA contract. The leadership is horrible--they tell you absolutely anything to get you to sign away your rights, buy spendy crappy products, and... Read more

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