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Merial - Beware of chemical burn
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I have used Fronline Plus on and off for many years for multiple pets. It used to work pretty well but lately it doesn't seem to work well at all. I used it on one of my dogs two days ago and today she has a horrible area that is chemically burned. I can't believe that... Read more

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I have had Directv since 2000 and have never had a problem with their customer service until they were bought out by AT&T. I guess they are now standard with being an absolute horrible experience to deal with as all cell phone companies have been known to be. I spent 3... Read more

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I signed a 12 month contract and was told after the 12 months I would stop being billed. I realized that they had been still billing me after 3 months after my contract had expired and I called their office multiple times a week, every week. NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE... Read more

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I have been with Total wireless two months now and couldn't be happier! I bought the $35 dollars pre-paid with 5gb of data. I never have a problem with service or data! (I use around 3gb a month.) I even went to the mountains and had service there. I brought my own... Read more

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NEVER, NEVER BELIEVE, TRUST OR SUBSCRIBE TO DIRECT TV & ATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was the day from H E L L . I have never ever experienced such incompetence, disrespect, and indifference from any business that I was trying to purchase a service from. Over an eight... Read more

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I have been purchasing the garnier fructis full and plush shampoo & conditioner for a while now. Last month the full and plush shampoo & conditioner burned my eyes. It was unbelievable!! I changed and replaced my other toiletries to make sure it was the full and plush... Read more

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First of all the dern office closed here so I can not even talk to anyone. My house was built in 2006, i thought the house was well built, but it definitely was not. My house is only 8 years old. My floors are starting to dip which is extremely disturbing. I can't... Read more

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This is the letter I sent to Kaiser complaint department. It took me 3 times to send it through their website!! How ironic... Kaiser is absolutely the WORST insurance company!!!!!! I will start with my latest complaint. My thyroid levels were extremely out of range. ... Read more

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I placed and order in August for $160 and my items were suppose to be here in October. Now, it's November and I haven't received anything! I guessing this is fraud! They want answer me back or anything and the website is *** down!! I will be contacting my back and...

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I called and ordered a "genie mini" and paid with my credit card! I then called back later that day and cancelled that order! The guy said it has been mailed and your account has been charged! After more calls and more confusion over how to send it back........ Finally... Read more

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