Ditech is extremely unprofessional company. I have strong evidences for their fraud. When the time comes I will expose them to the public. I am at court fighting against their crime. The lawyer they hire are very unprofessional, dirty, crook lawyers. I am not on their... Read more

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Lgi Homes - Very displeased
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So my wife and i bought this home in May of this year 2015 here in Charlotte NC. For the past few months we have had a lot of rain. Due to this rain our back door had started to leak and our door casing, and floor molding, have become discolored. Not only that but we... Read more

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Everyone on here giving them good reviews either works for them or has to give good reviews as part of the trial. One of many rules they have or you will forfeit deposit. Read more

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I started not to write but everyone should know the type of scam they are running..First off DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT INFO!!! They will take money out of your account without your knowledge that is until u get a statement then whatever quote u sit down and... Read more

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I ready is HORRIBLE! It is so boring and if your mouse is hovering over an answer it makes you get it wrong! The examples for math and reading skills are just plain dumb, nobody NORMAL talks about word choice with friends! They give you some sort of diagram and expect... Read more

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Hi my name is Jane Cherriokee,I brought my daughter Samara Cherriokee today for interview.The guy interviewing was rude & didn't consider my daughter's feelings just because I aired my opinion upfront & said that I hope that I would not be asked for any money... Read more

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I was approved in 45 days, after that I started looking for house. It's a great program, I'm buying the house with a 1.7% rate. If you have been organized with your payments (rent - last 12 months) electricity, Internet and credit card - last 6 months) you will ge... Read more

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I saw the ad and had seen them at Wal-Mart, So when the ad said buy one get one free, I checked on the price on the my pillow web site and the price is $99.97  Wal-Mart's site its $59.88 for one. I also saw online Bed Bath and beyond has it for $49.99. If they... Read more

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A huge rip off. All you are drinking is a gel that supposedly makes you feel full. It tastes nasty and any of he posts claiming HUGE weight loss within days or weeks are probably written by someone from RocaLabs. You can't even return this junk! I mailed it back, not... Read more

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House Of Labels - Pissed disapointed
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i have placed an order on last yearseptember and still did not receive it.I've been emailing them ever since, a month later (after emailing so many times)they reply to me saying that they did not send the the package to begin with so they can't give me a tracking code,... Read more

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