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begin of this year i register for nursing at Nido Academy on a part time basis before i went to deposit my money i went at the Richards bay office to confirm when classes would start - told at first week of January after a few weeks i phone to ask when can i come in for classes the lady told there is no part time classes, she told she would refund my money in February is September i still don't have my money - keep phoning the Cape Town... Read more

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Lgi Homes - Very displeased
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So my wife and i bought this home in May of this year 2015 here in Charlotte NC. For the past few months we have had a lot of rain. Due to this rain our back door had started to leak and our door casing, and floor molding, have become discolored. Not only that but we have been smelling mold in the carpet. We put in our service calls over 3 weeks ago, and still no repairs just reschedules. Not to mention all three of my neighbors on this block... Read more

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Hi my name is Jane Cherriokee,I brought my daughter Samara Cherriokee today for interview.The guy interviewing was rude & didn't consider my daughter's feelings just because I aired my opinion upfront & said that I hope that I would not be asked for any money as I had explained earlier over the phone.I drove from Anaheim 2hrs in traffic,had to pay for parking & finally drove my daughter home crying.Apparently the interviewer didn't... Read more

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They are liars! Do not give them any card information. They target young people. They tell you a that they will help you live the life you always wanted. They contacted me via FB which it was very suspicious. I went up and met this nice vietnamese lady named Holly Loung. She invited me to a seminar, claiming that they were looking to hire more personal because they were going to open a new office in Lakewood. I couldn't make it to the seminar;... Read more

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Everyone on here giving them good reviews either works for them or has to give good reviews as part of the trial. One of many rules they have or you will forfeit deposit. Read more

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I got into trading stocks in July of this year. I found Tim Sykes shortly after I started to learn from a few websites.  I initially felt like he was selling snake oil and didn't believe his strategy would work.  I traded on my own for a few months and had a little success. I wanted more so I revisited Tim Sykes at and videos on youtube and got sucked in this time.  I bought a membership for his "Pennystocking Silver" plan that would... Read more

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I ordered a free bag of coffee from Amora, paid the $1.00 s/h fee with my bank card.Checking my bank account I find out that Amora went into my bank account and took $67.75 - without my permission. I called them twice and told them to give my money back I Canceled my account and They refuse to either refund my money Im really pissed from this company I want my money back. thats really rude charged me with out my permission. you going to lose... Read more

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I started not to write but everyone should know the type of scam they are running..First off DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT INFO!!! They will take money out of your account without your knowledge that is until u get a statement then whatever quote u sit down and negotiate will not be your actual fee they will go up and up on the "quote" anyways I had to change my account number for them to stop and since then I have been harassed unfortunately I... Read more

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I saw the ad and had seen them at Wal-Mart, So when the ad said buy one get one free, I checked on the price on the my pillow web site and the price is $99.97  Wal-Mart's site its $59.88 for one. I also saw online Bed Bath and beyond has it for $49.99. If they lie on the commercial about getting one free with the purchase of one, what other lies are they telling.  From my understanding they are made from shredded memory foam, and... Read more

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Hey Everyone. I am doing this review to shed some light. I go to the camp in los angeles. I started out weighing almost 286.2 lbs pounds I have lost 14 and by next week, which is the end of my challenge I will be down 20lbs+. A lot of people here made some valid points. Now when I started this challenge man oh man did I hate it. I took it as a joke but I knew I had to make a change. When I would walk my knees clicked and I would be in so much... Read more

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