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Heritage Propane, Tampa FL 1.0 I only fill my tank up 2 or 3 times per year becuase its only used to heat my spa. The issue is that every time I order propane, Heritage Propane... Aetna Pharmacy Corrupt 1.0 I am a recovering cancer patient, I have pain due to the overall treatment and rebuilding of my neck. I take pain medication and to avoid anyone... Quest Diagnostics - Incompetence in Medical Care + a Bit of Scam Artistry 1.3 I was given a male bottle for a urine test (I'm female), I was given 100 g of glucose instead of 50 g for a one hour diabetes screen (which they made... Crystal Springs Water - Worst company and no communication This company is terrible, missed deliveries and no communication and just keep apologizing instead should focus on the process to delivering the... Shapes Total Fitness - Poor management The Shapes I attended did very little in the way keeping the gym clean. Complaints were ignored such as women in the pool and whirlpool in their... Blue Bell Creameries - False Advertising 1.0 Bought Blue Bell for the first and last time. I don't deal with companies, (or people for that matter), that flat out lie to me. I bought triple... Binder And Binder - Terrible.***,lousey horriable 1.0 We hired them in 2013 so for 4 years it was one thing after another, case worker after case ,fill this out, send us this etc. etc. then it was appeal... Uncle Bobs - Storage of a vehicle I called Uncle Bob's storage, around the corner from where I live, told them that I wanted to store my Pick up, with out any tags. I had only the...