i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy. Once i made the purchase, the calls began. And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are... Read more

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I applied for a loan with Lending Club they told me that they could put the funds in to my account. Since my account was not a personal account they told me that it was a problem. They then told me that if can load 175.00 on to a reload card that they would send the... Read more

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With a credit score of 711-741 from all three agency's and no late payments ever, they offered me a 22% cc consolidation loan because your CC balance vs credit amount is too high. My CC's are 10% 14% and 19%. My current loan with LC is 14% and I have paid half the 3... Read more

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I called today to have my account cancelled after fulfilling 3 years of my agreement with monitronics. After talking to the 1st person, I asked her when did my agreement ended, she said, I can't open that information and let me transfer you to an account manager. SO... Read more

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Was advised by DiTech to mail in our $7000 check from our insurance company to have it endorsed and mailed back within 3-4 business days. I sent it to them overnight mail on September 8th and they received it on the 10th. I called to verify receipt and they didn't... Read more

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i recently made a purchase in Publix her in Tampa , and paid with a personal check,my bank cover the check in full,even so it was a dollar short in my balance , not only i paid the fee in my bank that i know im responsible for , Publix decided to come after me for a... Read more

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Ashley Furniture - Leather Sofa Peeling
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I bought 2 Leather Sofas from Ashley's April of 2010 & purchased a warranty on them too $1,500 is what I paid for them. I had them no more then 2 years & they started peeling. I called Ashley's to put in a report so they sent me paper work to fill out. I... Read more

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I've been using the "Offer Up" website (AP) now for about 3 months. I've decided after this time period that IT JUST ISN'T WORTH THE AGRRAVATION! You post items ont this site and it seems easy enough, then you begin to get numerous ridiculous offers on your items... Read more

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Worked there for a bit over 5 years, mostly part time. If you are considering working in this super corrupt and superficial company, listen in. You will be overworked, underpaid, and looking forward to quitting. I probably should have, but waited until graduating &... Read more

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We have only one complaint for your pissed off readers - get some reading glasses Regional Acceptance's technical contact line is 8 6 6 in red caps. We have tried to get Regional to increase the size and color of their phone number for the people who... Read more

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