Hello Customer, I am sorry to hear your dome cracked.You may purchase a replacement dome for only $15.00 plus s&h cost by visiting www.nuwaveoven.net or contacting customer service at the phone number below. Thank you and have a great day! If you have any further questions please contact customer service @ 1-888-689-2831 by phone or via email customerservice@heartware.com M-F 8am-6pm(CST) just call the number below 15.00 plus shipping and... Read more

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I applied for a loan with Lending Club they told me that they could put the funds in to my account. Since my account was not a personal account they told me that it was a problem. They then told me that if can load 175.00 on to a reload card that they would send the funds to a western union. After I did that they told Me I had to pay another 396.89 for the charges for sending the funds to a western union. After I did that he told me that he... Read more

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With a credit score of 711-741 from all three agency's and no late payments ever, they offered me a 22% cc consolidation loan because your CC balance vs credit amount is too high. My CC's are 10% 14% and 19%. My current loan with LC is 14% and I have paid half the 3 year term without any late payments. My goal was to pay off CCs in a closed end loan with at least an equal payment amount. I cant afford their offer - no help at all. They are... Read more

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i made the mistake of purchasing some medication from US Pharmacy. Once i made the purchase, the calls began. And they never stopped! Some days, i would get upward of 20 calls per day from US Pharmacy and affiliated pharmacies. As many of you know there are computer generated calls and they simply refuse to quit. You can be rude (mistake because they make sure you continue to get calls at an increased rate) and you can be nice ( a waste of... Read more

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We have only one complaint for your pissed off readers - get some reading glasses Regional Acceptance's technical contact line is 8 6 6 in red caps. We have tried to get Regional to increase the size and color of their phone number for the people who misdial it and call us repeatedly with no avail. Please call them with your problems 8 6 6 (866) 644-7687 when you call them you will be routed to the correct voice mail. ... Read more

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I called today to have my account cancelled after fulfilling 3 years of my agreement with monitronics. After talking to the 1st person, I asked her when did my agreement ended, she said, I can't open that information and let me transfer you to an account manager. SO she did. This 2nd lady that I was talking to asked me what's reason for cancelling. So i told her, she tried to save me by offering and lowering down my monthly payment. She did put ... Read more

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Ashley Furniture - Leather Sofa Peeling
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I bought 2 Leather Sofas from Ashley's April of 2010 & purchased a warranty on them too $1,500 is what I paid for them. I had them no more then 2 years & they started peeling. I called Ashley's to put in a report so they sent me paper work to fill out. I filled them out & sent them in to be told "Sorry we don't cover defeats in the sofas only accidental. So I told them my kid flopped down on the sofa to sit & it... Read more

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Don't ever buy furniture from badcock! What they sell you is not furniture! They sell you ***! They are to *** high with their prices and their *** payments too! They make you have a high amount of money down and why in the world would you have credit and have to pay that much money down? If everyone had that much money they could pay cash for the *** they sell! Everything they deliver sucks its all damaged when you get it! They never want to... Read more

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It appears that this guy is now in Tampa Florida with a very similar story. He speaks Italian very very well. He told me in Italian that he was leaving tonight and wanted to bring a present home for his son and needed $400.00 for some items that were left over from a fashion show which had been held at our local International Mall. I felt really bad, and I really wanted to help out a "Paesano" from my own country (so I thought). Now, I too... Read more

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We were looking at puppies and located an ad on Oodle which listed a puppy as free and requesting that an email be sent to robertdarcy29@yahoo.com to inquire. When we did we received a response detailing the puppies and their temperaments as well as inquiring about our home environment. The seller reported that he lived in North Dakota and would have to ship the puppy to us for which we would pay a delivery company $250. He took our information... Read more

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