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Heartland Rvs - Major unresolved problems with 2015 Heartland Bighorn Purchased 5/2016. Shocks installed incorrectly, rubber dryrot. Water line under refrigerator so water leaked all over the floor. Rear window must... Legendary Journeys - Legendary rip off Took 3 months to get a group itinerary from the group department. Most disorganized and incompetent organization our group has worked with in 28... Petco - Great customer service I was having an issue with ticks on my two dogs. I went into the store yesterday and was greeted by Chelsea. Asked if she could help me with anythin... Wish I never got Directv 2.2 from the first day I have had all kinds of problems one TV would work & the other two wouldn't. I was have all the channels I pay for one day and the... Aspen Dental - Still waiting for refund! The oral surgeon in Ocala, Dr. Christopher Latham was fabulous; would highly recommend him. However we had to pay for the procedure an entire month... Resumes Planet - HORRIBLE customer service 2.9 My husband ordered a package that included a resume and a cover letter, with a 15% discount it came to 99.95. We did the resume but not the cover... The Slim Co - Can't reach you How long do I have to wait to reach you? No telephone answer; no address. Went to an address I did find and it was an open field.

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Clancys Chips - Clancys Corn Chips Review from Summerfield, Florida The corn chips are better than Fritos! Love them