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first payed 2,500 for my face area then was pressured into doing my neck which was another 1,500. Right after each treatment my hair subsided for a few weeks but when it was time for the next treatment the hair was basically back. They extended my visits and I got... Read more

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Great Expressions Dental - Read my story.Look at the picture! They ruined my teeth!
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LOOK at the image of teeth #11 an #13. LOOK how much tooth they removed. There is almost no tooth left! Great Expressions, St. Pete FL, 1st Ave South is the WORST in dental "care". 3 dentists in 2 1/2 years. I've spent $12k and my teeth are in worse shape than... Read more

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I needed a new mattress, low on cash and bad credit from a period of unemployment. Mattress firm offered a deal from progressive leasing. 90 days same as cash or up to a year to pay it off with interest. I had a good job, so paying it off in 90 days was not a... Read more

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The washing machine developed a sudden leak and flooded the floor about 4 weeks ago. We have a warranty so we called for Maytag service. 4 days later the guy comes out to evaluate the problem and says the gearbox went out and will have to be ordered. He also said... Read more

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I am currently working for Jiffy Lube, since starting in 2012. Every single week, since I first started, I have encountered incredibly rude and ignorant customers. Today, there were three of them. A woman in a Honda Accord pulled onto the lot and spoke with me of... Read more

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The company kept me well informed during the order process but the AM Home Delivery service they use were very bad. The two guys who brought my appliances were very unprofessional in their dress and attitude. They hadn't even read the delivery sheet so moaned when I... Read more

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I HATE the new one! no choices I color type, the emoticons area all BLACK, you can't choose your type set. Like the photo sharing better. The different emoticons that makes noise or say things are now gone. Why change what was working well and now it is s*** I am... Read more

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Nothing happened that is the point. At first I ordered the trial kit, then went in & added a night cream to my profile. My skin has gone backwards. Instead of the glow it had it is now flicking & pealing. When I called to cancel any further orders I wound up... Read more

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They are a fraudulent SCAM! They have stolen our casting information and fraudulently reposted this information and are charging people for access to our castings. The Model Studio, Inc. maintains a facebook page called The Model Studio Casting Connection which posts... Read more

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Any of our competitors can write an anonymous post. But the truth can never are the undisputed FACTS about Seed Capital: Since 2008, Seed Capital has helped raise over a half billion in funding for over 12,000 companies and individuals. They have an A+... Read more

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