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I HATE the new one! no choices I color type, the emoticons area all BLACK, you can't choose your type set. Like the photo sharing better. The different emoticons that makes noise or say things are now gone. Why change what was working well and now it is s*** I am... Read more

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I don't know what is going on. We closed the account and I received a bill from aep for $44.00 then weeks later i receive another bill from American for $70. I thought the $44 was the final bill. American says it is for supply chgs. The account is closed, why do I have... Read more

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first payed 2,500 for my face area then was pressured into doing my neck which was another 1,500. Right after each treatment my hair subsided for a few weeks but when it was time for the next treatment the hair was basically back. They extended my visits and I got... Read more

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American Power & Gas called me to reduce my electric and gas bill last April. For two months they lowered my rate by .02cents/KH for the next 5 months they overcharged me by .06 before I caught on. I called them, I told them the situation and I asked them how they will... Read more

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A representative from this company called the office I work at. Without even saying hello or introducing himself he blurts "I need to speak to the owner right now." This is a large company and the owner is certainly not in my office. He then demanded that I give him... Read more

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Loved old one. This one sucks big time. Need visual notifications. Need to see visually when a message is available. No one can use if they work for a living. Can tell when we get incoming from different users either. For example I have two conversations going on. No... Read more

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Well after reading all the reviews I will not order. I will stay with my CVS store bought makeup. Thank you all for being honest and saving me! Read more

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The washing machine developed a sudden leak and flooded the floor about 4 weeks ago. We have a warranty so we called for Maytag service. 4 days later the guy comes out to evaluate the problem and says the gearbox went out and will have to be ordered. He also said... Read more

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I needed a new mattress, low on cash and bad credit from a period of unemployment. Mattress firm offered a deal from progressive leasing. 90 days same as cash or up to a year to pay it off with interest. I had a good job, so paying it off in 90 days was not a... Read more

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Great Expressions Dental Centers - Read my story.Look at the picture! They ruined my teeth!
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LOOK at the image of teeth #11 an #13. LOOK how much tooth they removed. There is almost no tooth left! Great Expressions, St. Pete FL, 1st Ave South is the WORST in dental "care". 3 dentists in 2 1/2 years. I've spent $12k and my teeth are in worse shape than... Read more

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