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American Power and Gas - Rudest phone call I have had in a long time. A representative from this company called the office I work at. Without even saying hello or introducing himself he blurts "I need to speak to the... American Power and Gas - Extra Bill I don't know what is going on. We closed the account and I received a bill from aep for $44.00 then weeks later i receive another bill from American... American Power and Gas - Biggest SCAM American Power & Gas American Power & Gas called me to reduce my electric and gas bill last April. For two months they lowered my rate by .02cents/KH for the next 5... Prestige Portraits - Prestige photography issue. I had a good experience taking these photos however, they came out terrible the photographer blatantly lied saying "these are so good, you're doing... Mattress One - Delivery Service Review from Seminole, Florida 1.7 We purchased four mattresses recently from Mattress One. On the day of delivery, the delivery drivers did not speak English. They removed all the... Reimage - Scam Thru out the review I was told at the to enter key to activate to call a and a 877 number. After almost a hour on the phone with a the rep and... Resolved Maytag Bravos XL 4 years and 4 months old - declared unrepairable by Maytag Repairman 1.3 The washing machine developed a sudden leak and flooded the floor about 4 weeks ago. We have a warranty so we called for Maytag service. 4 days later... Nabisco - Pinwheels Cookies Review from Seminole, Florida 3.8 I am 64 yrs old . The pinwheel was my Dads & my favorite cookie to share !! I had two younger brothers & this cookie was something special we shared t...