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Ageless exteriors in birmingham alabama should never be used. They are not what they pretend to be. They are not a local roofing company. They do not have the proper insurance nor license to do the work. Sketchy and scary is how I would describe them. Paul Krugman is... Read more

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Watched manager, lady with Terri on name tag, demoralize, humiliate a hard working employee in front of me and other customers. Young man was clearly trying to do a good job and was completely humiliated by her bullying, sarcastic, mean treatment of this apparently... Read more

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Both Travelers Advantage and Shoppers Advantage are an utter scam. I booked a flight on Allegiant Air and was told that I could get a $50 rebate from my flight, and since it looked like it was coming from the Allegiant website itself, I figured it was legit. I called... Read more

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As I am a first time customer with Amazon I got online, I found what I was looking for so I ordered the product, the rep talked me into a 2 day delivery. I said no I am not in a hurry, so then he tells me it was something they did for first time customers. Based on his... Read more

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I shop at Publix almost every Sunday and never had an unpleasant experience with store #1394 St. Petersburg Fl. On June 13th I called the store at 7:13am to order fried chicken for a church function to be ready 9 or 9:30am I was told that i would have to wait until... Read more

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I had a reoccurring injury which caused a loss of employment. Employment was Construction, Real Estate & Mortgage. So in a short time there was no employment. Should have been a great candidate for modification. Help to Greetree/Ditech was computer form... Read more

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I buy this product every week at our local Publix in St. Petersburg, and until two weeks ago it was just,wonderful. Now I note that the coconut is suddenly missing from my favorite yogurt. This is,such a disappointment, and I wonder if it was a mistake or if this is... Read more

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Hi, my name is Gabby i'm trying to get hold of someone who can help me with a few questions. Is there an email that i can contact you guys?please let me know by e-malling me at I've been living for 3 years at one of the Greystar properties so... Read more

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I bought this stand up tanning booth from ProSun International for $5,000 dollars and can't get an answer as to why it is not tanning after two week of 12 min sessions still not getting the tan this unit is supposed to deliver I have called in to this company and spoke... Read more

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Multiple calls (at least 6) every day including Sundays starting at 8 am up until 9 pm. I've blocked them and it tells them they are blocked but they continue to call. They call from several different numbers and as far as I know I have blocked all of them, but that... Read more

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