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Deli employees get real mad when you request "thin sliced" meats n cheeses. First let me add, you need to ensure the SLICERS are clean.. Port Richey, FL is terrible offender.. I have pics of utterly FILTHY slicers n they get ANGRIER when you request they clean it you're not bringing home bacteria-laden food for 6 PEOPLE to get sick on! 12/17/14 my daughter went shopping for our family n requested THIN cheese n salami. Well it arrived... Read more

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RIP OFF! I ordered the confienza pills in August. I received my first shipment. My second order was supposedly “Delivered” however I never received it. I then was billed for my 3rd shipment and still never received my 2nd order! I contacted my rep and she told me to file a claim online. I did that. They emailed me back stating I needed to “Call the cops” and “Call the post office and File a claim” They will not help me unless I did that first. ... Read more

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I have tried over and over again to send back their products and when I called to get a return address because I moved and lost the return form, they told me I was not allowed to return anything, they have kept charging my account over and over, I am in for over $400.00 now and just filed a formal complaint with the better business bureau. I called on the 8th of October to cancel my account after they said they would cancel my account weeks... Read more

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Pottery Barn - Customer Service can't Cancel Online orders!!
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12/26 I ordered sheet set from Pottery Barn's online site using a gift card and CC. When the order was placed items showed in STOCK, but in the cart showed available shipping was 1/8/2016 then I recieved an email stating my items were BACK-ORDERED and won't be able to ship until 1/12/2016! I checked every where on the WEBSITE for the cancel button, because I could easily drive over to Tampa to an ACTUAL store to buy my stuff, but there was no... Read more

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We took our RV in for minor repairs. While our brand new RV was there it was hit causing a large dent. We were not told about it, came to pick it up and we're told it is done. We go out a notice a large dent!! Then we're told it was knocked off the lift jack and the jack was replaced because it was at a 90 degree angle. Two months later after many phone calls, it is finally repaired and everyone is acting like we should be happy?? Our new... Read more

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ONLY NOW I fond out they don't qualify for BBB accreditation. We purchased a complete set of appliances from famous tate 2005. almost $5,000 spent on all supposed top shelf professional lifetime type appliances. Every unit had either massive failures had numerous malfunctions. A refrigerator that the compressor DIED in the first year. The drawers fell out and had a recall., the water line vavle broke and did $15,000 in damage. the dishwasher... Read more

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POF user name davidRhouse: not materialistic and open minded; just a liar from not smoking, to the color of his hair. At least three marriages and divorces, all short term, but he says " What makes me unique is that I'm a family man without a family"...not because of at least two domestic violence cases in Fl , Pasco & Pinellas, public records....while he paints himself as being caring, and his idea of monogamy, is to still while dating... Read more

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Spent two hours on Friday afternoon picking out furniture for my new house with Ed,an older salesman at the New Port Richey,FL. Showed him the furniture that we were going to buy for Living room,bedroom and dining room. All were sets.....Monday i went on line and set up a credit account for $4000 on the Rooms to Go Website,then went to the store,got Ed the salesman and he started collecting model numbers. We had everything together in the... Read more

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I closed my account after 8 months of my sofa peeling off finish. They said they would not do anything about it because I did not buy that *** warranty at all. I had also caught them in a lie they said the unit was treated the warehouse and I waited for delivery when it arrived it was that package deal buy the sofa and ottoman and TV stand get a free 3D TV for one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars plus taxes and delivery fee set up.... Read more

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We purchased 3 new sofas from Kane's a few years ago. Within 6 months the leather started cracking on 1 and soon after on another. Kane's sent out a technician. It was determined that the material was defective and the manufacturer Southern Comfort replaced the material. GREAT! Kane's told me the material would be replaced at no cost to us whenever the material started cracking/peeling anywhere else since the manufacturer knew the material was... Read more

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