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Deli employees get real mad when you request "thin sliced" meats n cheeses. First let me add, you need to ensure the SLICERS are clean.. Port Richey, FL is terrible offender.. I have pics of utterly FILTHY slicers n they get ANGRIER when you request they clean it... Read more

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I have tried over and over again to send back their products and when I called to get a return address because I moved and lost the return form, they told me I was not allowed to return anything, they have kept charging my account over and over, I am in for over... Read more

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We took our RV in for minor repairs. While our brand new RV was there it was hit causing a large dent. We were not told about it, came to pick it up and we're told it is done. We go out a notice a large dent!! Then we're told it was knocked off the lift jack and the... Read more

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POF user name davidRhouse: not materialistic and open minded; just a liar from not smoking, to the color of his hair. At least three marriages and divorces, all short term, but he says " What makes me unique is that I'm a family man without a family"...not because of... Read more

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RIP OFF! I ordered the confienza pills in August. I received my first shipment. My second order was supposedly “Delivered” however I never received it. I then was billed for my 3rd shipment and still never received my 2nd order! I contacted my rep and she told me to... Read more

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I closed my account after 8 months of my sofa peeling off finish. They said they would not do anything about it because I did not buy that *** warranty at all. I had also caught them in a lie they said the unit was treated the warehouse and I waited for delivery when... Read more

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I ordered a new set of upper dentures, paid 80% up front and balance when delivered. Was happy with them and it only took 3 adjustments for them to fit perfectly. After 3 months the problems set in. While eating one of the teeth fell out. Took it to them and they... Read more

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Sold home, leaving FL to home in GA. Disconnect service with Frontier, returned equipment, confirmed with Frontier they received all equipment. Was told I had to wait 1 billing cycle before they would process $57+ refund. Called in May, spent 30 minutes confirming... Read more

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We went to Arby's in Port Richey Florida and had an employee that was on break sit in a booth across from us. She took off both her shoes and sat sideways across the booth. She crossed her legs so one foot was above the table top and started playing with her feet with... Read more

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I have been working with Shellpoint to modify my loan for 2 years now. It was with BOA then they just gave up and suddenly I started receiving letters from Shellpoint. To date I have had no resolution. I've written numerous letters, made many phone calls, with no... Read more

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