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Not At all Happy with The Ordenza Marketing and their fraud promotions, I received a voucher where i received an incentive for a "free" 7 day hotel stay at any location from a vendor at a bridal show about a year ago. I paid my Deposit fee of a $100.00, the voucher... Read more

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I have been trying to file a glass claim all day and they keep hanging up on me. No one wants to answer the phone. Every time I call back, I am on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes. This is by far the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with and I deal with... Read more

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i had IKEA came out and measure my kitchen then my family and i went to IKEA to design a kitchen with the measurement at the sunrise store we schedule tradesman installation we had to wait one month before they can come when they first came all the cabinet that go on... Read more

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A Warning: STAY AWAY FROM TERMINIX TERMITE SERVICE!! THEY ARE DISORGANIZED: There was very poor communication between the initial "inspector" (i.e. salesperson) and the persons providing the services. I was told I needed soil and attic preventative treatments (no signs... Read more

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Massage envy really sucks, they scam you into a contract without any termination options especially for non use. When speaking to them they say yes you can cancel but when you do want to cancel you find there is no option nor is there any option to make a complaint on... Read more

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Warning we rent 2016 brand new Winnebago 43' from all star coaches Florida Terrible products , terrible company , terrible manufactury !! do not rent or buy this trash so they will not be able to produce American trash machines , they don't have customer... Read more

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El Dorado Furniture - Poor Quality. Not informed of All Sales Final.
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Purchased sofa. Within a couple weeks, the USB port broke and my elbow went through the armrest. Called them, sent out a "tech" which was a delivery driver who looked at it, asked me what the problem was and had me sign the form and left. He reported back to the office... Read more

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i wish i read the reviews on gus ramirez. i have to agree he is very very very dishonest. how can this crook get away with not returning security deposits. i rented a condo unit that was not even very nice and when i moved out he never returned my deposit. i had... Read more

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Massage Envy of Plantation, Florida has horrible customer service. My ex-fiance went for a massage and charged it to my credit card. He signed up for a 6 month membership. When I discovered this, I called to cancel and for them to stop charging my credit card. I called... Read more

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The Maids always promise 3 cleaners and only 2 show up and then they want to charge double time since they are short one person. They misrepresent and do not even clean very well for the price !!! Will never use them agian. This is after using them 4 times we are fed...

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