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Prince Law Firm - Mislead and ripped off I needed to fike bankruptcy. I lived in Panama City, Florida. They got $2000 of money i had to borrow in order to file. Took 1st counseling test... Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance - This Company Should Be Shut Down 1.0 I had made a claim to Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance on August 26th and the claims adjuster Marcos A. Perez has not replied to any of my emails... Lycamobile - Caller can't hear my voice 1.0 Customer support is very very very poor. From last few weeks, caller can't hear my voice. Not sure if its a known problem with lycamobile. Also, not... Rick Case Hyundai - Lying got me to showroom On Sat. AUG. 5 th. I drove over 4 hours to arrive at the Rick Case Hyundai dealership in Sunrise. I was to meet with the internet saleman, Marty. I... Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance - THE MOST WORTHLESS INSURANCE COMPANY EVER 1.0 Seriously if you have ocean harbor I truly feel bad for you. Ocean harbor is the equivalent to *** in a bag. It is always a 45 minute to an hour wait... Ideal Image - Lousy results, painful and expensive 3.0 I had cool sculpting done on all my abs and it was very painful. My stomach looked flat for at least a few months but a year later, the treated areas... Rick Case Acura - Rick and Rita only about the momey 1.1 To Mr. & Ms. Case , I spoke with one of your sales personal yesterday I explained my situation to him told him what i had what can afford and how... El Dorado Furniture - Saggy sinking mattress 1.4 I purchased a mattress around October 2016. In December 2016 i noticed on one side the mattress sink in more than the other side. So i called the...