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I'll review this because I admit I fell for it. My daughter has competed for 3 years. I spent a lot of money with optional contests and advertising. She won cover girl because we sold ads she did well in optional contests year one then declined. She never placed in the... Read more

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 “Thumbtack Does Not Honor Its Customers”
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Alana McCurdy aka Wilma H Jackson (Double A Cleaning of Brewton AL) a supposed Thumbtack Pro, quoted me a price for the repair of windows on a house. Based on the quote given she asked for and received 50% down, she received the payment and I have not talked to or seen... Read more

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I had a 3 month long painful experience with Sebonic. I started with Cardinal Financial and they transferred my loan to this company when I tried to refinance a rental property. I actually started the process of purchasing a house with a local mortgage company one week... Read more

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Just ordered some Spark from e-bay. Watch out if you are used to the 1.6 lb size because they have a a new can which looks like the old one but contains much less (10.5oz.), with a price that is not much less than the old size. Surprised the company would employ this... Read more

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I am a 56 year old male with 20 pounds to lose. I decided to try the Nutrisystem. I placed my order 9/5/16 and received my first shipment a week after ordering. First, I was a little disappointed in how fast the "first week" was shipped, as I paid for the expedited... Read more

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The paint exhibits bubbling with rust under paint surface yet not weeping through the paint. Obvious the corrosion is inside out meaning a perforation exists under the paint. I could push a screwdriver through it to the inside. Car is only 3 years old with no other... Read more

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I have had the Rainsoft water treatment and the Clean Start laundry system for a month now. It is all they said it would be and more. The installers had to deal with my 70-year old plumbing. They took great care of my grass so that it would look nice after being dug... Read more

seller agreed to full refund of $49.34 on january 27,2017.i havent received the refund as of yet and chinese new year is over with.i talked to 2 customer service reps,Mae and Jetter and they check and say we see you havent been refunded let us check.i have ticket id... Read more

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Veteran's need to band together and have a Nation wide demonstration against the VA / VBA. We hear changes but never see any changes. Numbers get results. Veterans banded together will also help stop the waste of Tax payers money. One major waste is E-Benefits,... Read more

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Motivated Movers - Very nice people, bargain, use them if you hate your furniture and wallet
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i would not even know where to start, 1 day delay, left refrigerator behind and other boxes, then being enlightened that it was our fault that we did not look at what they forgot to take, promised about 2500 (for a 60 miles move!?!) charged almost 3000 (including... Read more

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