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Just ordered some Spark from e-bay. Watch out if you are used to the 1.6 lb size because they have a a new can which looks like the old one but contains much less (10.5oz.), with a price that is not much less than the old size. Surprised the company would employ this... Read more

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I had a 3 month long painful experience with Sebonic. I started with Cardinal Financial and they transferred my loan to this company when I tried to refinance a rental property. I actually started the process of purchasing a house with a local mortgage company one week... Read more

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i am writing this review as a unhappy consumer. not with the company or the products but with all these ridiculous accusations! you people are making a wonderful company look bad under false pretenses! i personally am a customer and i have not had not one bad... Read more

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i got aflac a year ago. i didnt need it til this year when i had a tubial pregnancy and ended up having to have the fallopian tube removed. aflac didnt disclose to me that i needed to stay in hospital for at least 5 days to have them pay. I racked up 45 thousand in... Read more

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 “Thumbtack Does Not Honor Its Customers”
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Alana McCurdy aka Wilma H Jackson (Double A Cleaning of Brewton AL) a supposed Thumbtack Pro, quoted me a price for the repair of windows on a house. Based on the quote given she asked for and received 50% down, she received the payment and I have not talked to or seen... Read more

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I had an appointment for a pre-crown fitting after I had to go to a specialist for my root canal. The office manager called me the day before the appt to rescedule because their dr was going to be working at another location and they couldn't see me for a month! Then... Read more

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I do ask that you understand that the BBB and is a place where anyone can turn to vent if they are not happy and no business in the world can make everyone happy at all times. If you look closely at all the reports filed against Ameriplan, 99% have... Read more

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On April 16, 2016 I visited the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries located in Pensacola, FL. I picked out a leather couch, leather recliner and tables. My husband and I negotiated the cost of the furniture with the sales lady and she was able to “discount” certain items to... Read more

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I purchased a pair of glasses from LensCrafters a year ago, the lenses started to deteriorate and looked as though I was looking through shattered glass. I took the glasses to a LensCrafters store and they gave me a run around about I subjected them to a high heat, I... Read more

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In 2004 I enrolled in online classes at Kaplan College after receiving information from a representative who visited the hospital where I work. I qualified for some grant money and the remaining fees were paid with a federal student loan. I began 2 classes without any... Read more

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