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The Publix online ordering web page and process is not user friendly. Publix should have someone take a look at how to improve the site and customer ease of use. Log in and navigation of the web page is not clear to the user. Frequently orders are not prepared on time. The location of the in store pickup bin is not monitored and other customers are taking the orders. When this happens the customer has to wait to speak with someone behind the... Read more

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We live on well water and saw there ad claiming their system will make your well water feel like city water. Well, that is far from the truth it's just a gimmick. Everytime I have them out they act like nothing is wrong saying they can't find anything wrong with the equipment but can't tell me why my skin feels dry as a bone, my wife's hair is thinning and we both have to use tons of lotion on our skin. They say they can change out some disc and... Read more

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Ordered online; item allegedly went out of stock after I placed order and paid for the item. The company now tells me that I cannot have a refund that I must pick another shade or other merchandise for the same dollar amount. Not only am I disappointed that I'm not getting the shade that I wanted, I now have other complementary products that I have no use for as I don't have a shade to use them with. The whole premise that they don't do refunds... Read more

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I joined HSI in Dec, 2015 but did not get the promised email with my sign on info. I emailed them in Dec advising I did not receive access so I am unable to use many of my member benefits. I did not receive a response. I just received a new advertisement and watched the video to the end, but do not see a phone number I can call to speak with a LIVE Customer Support person. I have now sent a second email to them hoping someone will respond. If... Read more

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My hubby and I bought a tv from brandsmart we actually had the money to buy the tv but the brandsmart rep said the quality of tv we needed had to be financed, my hubby was not interested bc he is a cash buyer, the rep said it would build his credit. He took us straight to a RAC rep. We even put down 300 dollars towards the amount and told the rep we would pay off at the end of the month we just wanted the tv, she said this loan doesnt build... Read more

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The rich gets rich & then it's us . You really think the owners really care about the employees *** NO ! All they care bout is the numbers & their money ! Everyone is hurt & upset that this all had to go down the way It did . I'm not for sure if ATS/ICE is going to reopen but again we will have to wait until after next week sometimes ! If ICE does reopen let's pray they get rid of all of those crack head *** mangers & emplyees !... Read more

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Marcelin 1 Wilner Marcelin Vs. Jimmy Johns, Pembroke Pines, Fl Wilner Marcelin, Vs Jimmy Johns (Pembroke Pines, 205 Hiatus Rd) May 10, 2016 Abstract I am a loyal Jimmy Johns customer. I value the exceptional service I get whenever I make an order. Throughout my college track and field career, whatever state we were in, we always made bulk orders of Jimmy Johns. Long story short, I love Jimmy Johns, until today. Marcelin 2 Wilner Marcelin Vs.... Read more

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I am writing this letter to inform you of my experience with St. Francis Emergency Animal hospital in Hollywood, Florida. We took our beloved Nina on Thursday, January 14, 2016 to St. Francis Emergency Animal Hospital; she needed an Inguinal Hernia surgery. The doctor on staff looked at her and explained how he will perform the surgery and made it seem as if it was something he could do with no problem. He then left the room to write down the... Read more

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1. Horrible choice of doctors and majority of those listed in directory don't really take Molina. The one specialist within 50 miles that actually accepted my insurance had a three-month backlog and I ultimately paid out of pocket to get the care I required. 2. On seven occasions within four months critical medication was rejected for ridiculous reasons. In one case, the medication that Molina requested cost me less than $6 when I ultimately... Read more

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Ashley Furniture - Review about Couch from Pembroke Pines, Florida
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Furniture is garbage at best. DECEPTIVE SALES PRACTICE! *** artists, ***. Never again. City and Ashley are the same company. Never with them again. Shady shady shady. Did NOT DISCLOSE FINANCE TERMS, nor the company, nor anything. Would not tell my wife what she was getting into or what the terms. These people are horrible.. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS EVEN FOR FREE EVER AGAIN!! Read more

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