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Freightcenter - Worst Company!!!! 1.3 They give you a good price until you book with them. A few weeks after the shipping they tell you the package weights 5 times the weight and they... Freightcenter - The worst. Deceptive and incompetent 1.0 They are very nice and polite on the phone before you hire them. After you pay them it is totally different. The person who arranged the shipping... Labcorp - Blood Test Procedure Review from Palm Harbor, Florida 4.0 Lab corps is a filthy place to get blood test performed. Staff did not change gloves in front of me and touched other things before the blood draw. ... Five Star Painting - Refusing to Honor Warranty 2.4 Too many problems to list them all, but the bigger issues were:
1. Sticking to their own schedule.
2. Fulfilling their own Scope of Work (our contract)....
Resolved Miniinthebox - Not able to reach you by phone, charged but no order your ways of dealing with orders are not working the way your instructions say they are suppose to or are beyond my understanding. My father Clifton H... Lifeproof - Poor Quality Materials Didn't have problems with their earlier versions (pre-2013) but the last 2 generations have really tanked. Before, the cases held up through 2 years... Frontier Communications - Customer Care Review from Palm Harbor, Florida Customer Service is a joke. I don't know if I woke someone from their nap but he seemed to be out of it. No help at all. Kept telling me that I... Frontier Communications - Technical Support Review from Palm Harbor, Florida Have been waiting three days to get service back at our agency - first day waited 12 hours with no show no call. Spoke to CSR Supervisor today and...