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It has now been almost 4 months, and I have yet to receive all of my kitchen. The first set of cabinets were ordered in the wrong colors due to human error on their side. It took almost 2 months to get the incorrect order in and figure that out. Now my "rushed"... Read more

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IT IS TIME TO FIGHT INJUSTICE AND PREJUDICIAL ACTIONS MADE BY JUDGE JOHN L PHILLIPS OF THE 15TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT OF PALM BEACH. If you have a complaint or you Divorce and Child Support case was not handled properly and by the law by Judge John Phillips, please... Read more

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i already submitted a complaint but i was scammed. this company takes advantage of families wanting to send their children off to college for a better life and financial aid or scholarships aren't even guaranteed. they do nothing but take your money. the resources they... Read more

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I'm a senior in college who struggled through weeks without a laptop thanks to ifixyouri. This company is completely terrible at communicating with its customers without an incredible amount of prodding, prioritizes "corporate" customer repairs over those which arrive... Read more

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I don't know what every one is talking about but I found her to be amazing, best out of 20 readings I have ever gotten in my lifetime. Deborah Graham was respectful of my time, my questions, my feelings, anything I asked she took her time an explained, she even went... Read more

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At 1415 went to PBG Location for pre employment DS there were 2 people in front of me. I was told that it was going to 1:45-2 hrs before I get seen. Completely unacceptable, I was told to make an appt. *** poor customer service. No I have to delay employment because of... Read more

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In spite of all of the complaints, I was doing fine with Boston Medical until they recently changed pharmacies. They told me that my last shipment was "a more powerful formulation", and I would only need to use 17 units (instead of the usual 25). The 17 units had no... Read more

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I simply cannot believe the review I just read from some woman complaining about Deborah! It is totally and COMPLETELY different from my interactions with her. I have been a client of Deb Graham's for several years now and she has been nothing spot on with her... Read more

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My son went to the Sage Trucking School in Ft. Pierce. He has a felony from 18 years ago and was told that wouldn't be a problem finding a job. I co-signed for the school tuition. After he got his CDL he couldn't find a job because of his felony. After a month he... Read more

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When I called to cancel my GoPhone Acct I was transferred to 7 different people and on the phone with them for over an hour. The customer service is the worst I have ever received by any company. No one at AT&T seems to know what they are doing. They just kept... Read more

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