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Gold Crown Resort - Purchased in 2010 4.9 We sat through a time-share presentation in Nuevo Vallarta and didn't buy. On the way out we were summoned by a guy sitting at a table with a laptop.... Meritage Homes - Missing a promised HVAC but MH Orlando refuses to add it back 2.1 I ordered to build a house in Jan 2017 at Oviedo Gardens in the Orlando area. Before I signed the contract, I explicitly asked the sales associate... Been scammed by Gold Crown Resorts? Join our class action lawsuit today!! 1.0 I am starting a class action lawsuit against GCR for the scam to start charging $89 annual dues even though my contract clearly states my dues is... Breach of Contract - GOLD CROWN RESORT MARKETING INC. (GCR) As in previous complainants, i am now told to pay an annual fee of $89.00 in order to access travel services. I have contacted them via email and... Gold Crown Resort - Gold Crown and Its Affiliates are Not What they Seem 1.1 My sister and I purchased a Gold Crown Resort membership in January 2007 via an 'authorized affiliate'- Event Planners DC. The contract specifically... Texas Roadhouse - Excellant Dining Experience 5.0 We go to the Texas Roadhouse in Oviedo, Florida every Wen. and I have to tell you, This is the Best Dining out we have ever been to. You have the... Gold Crown Resort - Gold Crown unauthorized membership fee 1.0 We purchased a Gold Crown Resort membership in September,2011 via an 'authorized affiliate'-Portfolio to Paradise. The contract specifically stated... Gold Crown Resort - Imposed a renewal fee that was not disclosed After unsuccessfully trying to log into my Gold Crown account, I was informed that my membership had been suspended because I was in arrears on the...