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I provided the documents and my $20K loan was fully funded by one investor right away. I didn't feel like the documentation requirements were difficult or more than they should be asking for. It is a risk for the investors so the company has a duty to do their homework... Read more

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Hello, my wife and I went to Sutherlin Nissan to purchase 2 cars at same time because we heard the advertisement on the radio from Sutherlin Nissan offering a bogo deal. We went up to Sutherlin Nissan on 1/31/15 and spoke with a salesman who's name is Aaron J.D.Amico,... Read more

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I wish I had read these reviews before I applied. I got a $15,000 loan for a pool to be installed. The pool company actually recommended them! Just like all the reviews I have read (now), It took weeks after sending them many, many documents. I am so upset with... Read more

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AMBER took my $300 then had to run to the car to get her condoms as I lay there. She said I will leave my shoes so you know I will be back. Well she never came back for her $10 shoes but she will be able to buy new ones with the 3 bills she took from me. I will... Read more

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Publix is a terrible company to work for. Pay is so unfair for what their expectations are of you. We need a Union to Represent us. Because corporate calling us "owners" is not getting us anywhere. I believe in providing great products and excellent customer... Read more

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I have been using my ebt card at Walmart and last week made a big purchase of all food at a local store. At the end of the transaction I was asked to pay $8.00 in cash for what should have all been food covered by the ebt card. So as not to appear rude and hold up... Read more

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I was getting nowhere with this product until I met a distributor who turned me on to the correct products and how to use them properly. Don't just order! Email or call the distributor! 20 pounds in 60 days, three inches off the waist and added almost two to the chest.... Read more

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Deli clerks did not give me service until the Deli manager got in the service in with me for food. Then i told the Deli manager the situation and she told the deli clerk to give me service. In my bad experience I waited with patients for the service. The clerk looked... Read more

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I am not the only one pissed off! I sure hope publixs knows by over chifging on food and when people on food stamps buys that item it is then food stamp fraud!!!on publix management like Tod Jones,e.d Crenshaw and the rest of jerkings family ripp of ring I mean publix... Read more

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Transworld Van Lines Held My Furniture Hostage!
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On March 4, 2014, we requested moving service from moving associate Mr. Ernie McNab who represents himself as a sales associate with Transworld Van Lines. We were living in Orlando relocating to our new home less than one mile away. Transworld Van Lines’ slogan is... Read more

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