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Vitalchek - Deducted bank account 1.2 the amount of 60 bucks has been taking from our account and i have faxed in what needed to be faxed yet it still says pending.I found my birth... Other Company - Jordi Wolf JordiWolf77 SCAM This guy is a crook. Stole my money. I have 57 emails from this guy trying to get my business. I finally had a lapse of intelligence and sent... Square - Account Review from Niceville, Florida 1.0 They still have yet to deposit money. They also deactivated my account without reason. SOVRAN Building Systems - Sovran sucks 1.0 If you are a contractor and expect to be treated fairly,professionally, and get paid for the work you do,then don't ever walk onto a job site that... Thumbtack - BARELY BROKE EVEN 1.0 I AM NEVER USING THIS SITE AGAIN! I have wasted hundreds of dollars and time for nothing. It costs 5 or more dollars, sometimes about 10 just to... Maytag Washing Machine Review from Niceville, Florida 1.8 I purchased my Maytag Centennial washer/ dryer set in Dec 2010. It has the 'he' technology- an idealistic hoax, I mean, belief that your clothes can s... ARNETT SEPTIC, LIARS THIEVES AND LAZY 1.0 Arnett Septic Company, Will Arnett, are liars and thieves and will bully their customers. They are incompetent with their work and they will destroy... Regions Bank - AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!! 1.1 My husband and I went to the local branch to open a checking account w/ Regions Bank on Dec. 30, 2015 based on a promotion they were offering of a $2...