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Sport Clips - How much worse can Sports Clips Naples get? 2.5 4 reviews 2.0 star rating 8/12/2017 I have been going to the Tarpon Bay store since they opened. Was always in the past treated great and not too... Macys bed bug mattress I purchased from Macys in Oct 2016 a mattress in March I started getting bites on my ankle and leg. 4 doctors didn't know what the bites were but... Other Company - William P. Cleary is making these posts He is making fake posts about me and attacking my family on this site. He was just... Centurylink - Incompetent, POORLY TRAINED ,uneducated simple people 1.7 The first problem was I signed up . I was lied to about the package they sold me , didn't know I wasn't getting Direct TV . The tech never showed up... Quest Diagnostics - Worst employees in the world at quest off of immokalee road 1.0 Employees lose paperwork. Went in one day for an appointment. They sent me home with 40 stool samples. Go in next day they won't take the samples... Torrid - Bad Quality 2.7 I have purchased 2 pairs of shoes from them. The first, was a pair of heels and the heel broke after a week of wearing them. Today I found my black... Zoom Tan - Now Posting Fake Reviews 1.0 What a load of hilarious garbage. Zoom Tan is now trying to post fake reviews. "Happy happy happy" and "my friend and I both bought memberships"?... Audibel - So dissapointed , just not right! 1.0 To say I was dissapointed in this company is understatement . It's all about the money and up selling every chance they get. My Aunt a lovely 82 year...