Over the course of the last month, I have witnessed not only harassment against myself on nearly every topic I have participated in, but I have also witnessed the same harassment, bullying, profanity, sexual insults, stalking against other posters as well. This website has a major flaw, in that it allows anonymous posters to assume the same identity as legitimate users and harass me. The major offending identity is: ladyscotsuxs. Also being... Read more

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(561) 682-8520 William (Bill) Erbey is the CEO of Ocwen. As most of you know Ocwen doesn't like to give a phone number to their office here in the United States. Here is the number to his actual office so feel free to call and call. He should be able to see just how pleased his customers are firsthand, don't you agree? After all, he IS the CEO so I'm sure he'll appreciate the feedback. By the way, Jackie, the receptionist,... Read more

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We have been a member with Freedom B C Naples.... It is a great deal if your retired and don't have any friends.... The boats via the reservation system are almost never available.... Booked solid for weeks... So planning a day on the water is almost impossible ... If your lucky and take care of the dock masters and cleaning crew, you can call the morning of the day you are interested in and MAYBE you can get a cancelation boat.... But forget... Read more

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I have personally worked for publix so I know that satisfying the costumer is a must. I have been going to the publix on 951 and imokalee Rd in Naples for years. I must say though, the costumer service has definitely gone down. I have encountered many rude associates who won't do anything to help. Today I called in and asked, just like many times (and not getting rejected) to add a cheese to my sub but the person on the other line was rude to... Read more

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Following a legitimate purchase on 11/20/2013, a monthly charge of $12.97 began appearing on our US Bank statement. The latest appeared on the November 2014 statement. I called to ask for an explanation on 12/15/2014. My question was: "What service or product was I receiving for these repeated charges?" I never received an answer that I could understand. Finally, I was turned over to a supervisor who could not answer the same question. I was... Read more

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I have worked for the company for a few years. At first I loved it, but my costumer service manager at the time was a sexual harasser, he would ask way too personal questions or touch you, when he did that to me I drew the line backed up and sternly said "Sorry, I do not play like that." and he got the message and left me alone,and I would avoid him. He changed my hours from 30+ to 13 and less since that day. I thought it was in my head, until... Read more

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I spend $600 on their product and I love all lines. I am 40 year old and i still have acne and first fine lines. I use a combo: smooth, reversed and unblemished. The first products that work for my skin perfectly. I use them alternatively: smooth, reversed, unblemished. When I use unblemished only, my skin was too dry so I added smooth line. Then I added reversed line that gave my skin a glow. I use the line together with micro-needling and the... Read more

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Last night we went to Red Robin. There was a small portable computer/tablet device on the table. My 8 year old touched the screen for only about 10 seconds. She never played any games or accessed any services. When our bill came (that we had to pay using the device) there was a $1.99 "Entertainment Fee" at the bottom. The manager said it was for unlimited use of the device. We never agreed to pay for this service. He said everyone that... Read more

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Expedia doesn't have anybody in their customer service team in the USA, everybody is answering your phone calls from India.The worst part is that they do not speak basic English, there is no way of communicating with them. This is the main reason why I will never again regarding of their price book anything through them again. They might be saving some money by shifting their customer service department to India but they lost me as a... Read more

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We purchased the San Marco sectional model/sku # 163-324-2 and 163-324-3 for $1483.90 cash from the General Manager Andrew Lee on February 28, 2009. In less than 30 days the couch seat cushions have sagged. The cushions do not recoil or return to normal position once we get up. While sitting we can feel the railing in the couch. We called Ashley Furniture on March 29, 2009 they referred us to their customer service because once a customer... Read more

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