I have personally worked for publix so I know that satisfying the costumer is a must. I have been going to the publix on 951 and imokalee Rd in Naples for years. I must say though, the costumer service has definitely gone down. I have encountered many rude associates... Read more

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(561) 682-8520 William (Bill) Erbey is the CEO of Ocwen. As most of you know Ocwen doesn't like to give a phone number to their office here in the United States. Here is the number to his actual office so feel free to call and call. He should be able to see... Read more

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I spend $600 on their product and I love all lines. I am 40 year old and i still have acne and first fine lines. I use a combo: smooth, reversed and unblemished. The first products that work for my skin perfectly. I use them alternatively: smooth, reversed,... Read more

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We have been a member with Freedom B C Naples.... It is a great deal if your retired and don't have any friends.... The boats via the reservation system are almost never available.... Booked solid for weeks... So planning a day on the water is almost impossible ... If... Read more

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Following a legitimate purchase on 11/20/2013, a monthly charge of $12.97 began appearing on our US Bank statement. The latest appeared on the November 2014 statement. I called to ask for an explanation on 12/15/2014. My question was: "What service or product was I... Read more

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You should look up the court case of "BRE MARINER MARCO TOWN CENTER, LLC v. ZOOM TAN, INC." Apparently a company that likes to force its clients to pay on their membership agreements even though they tried to cancel them doesn't want to pay on their leases. That makes... Read more

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People need to log on to some of these review sites like Glassdoor where Zoom Tan is posting these fake positive reviews and try to shed some truth on their lies. If you've worked there or know someone who has, do these poor people a favor and post the truth about how... Read more

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We purchased a Lazyboy couch with the chase lounge end piece. When we sit on the right part of chase section, it feels like you are falling to the right. When sitting on the section next to the chase, it feels like you're falling to the left. We had them come out & put... Read more

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I used to work for Zoom Tan. All I can say about that company is that they only exist to try to take people's money. They screw their clients by nor refunding money, not letting them cancel their memberships, charging too much for everything and making them waste their... Read more

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Here is the whole story about Zoom Tan. Zoom Tan was started by Tony Toepfer. Tony used to own a big tanning software company called Helios but he was forced out. The guy is actually a terrible business man who probably couldn't manage a McDonalds. But, through a... Read more

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