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Sears Home Services - You get what you pay for....actually you don't 2.4 DO NOT get sucked into this joke of a home warranty. I called sears to get a repair on my dryer that was purchased from them! The service rep offered... Molina Healthcare - Premium Just Doubled; A Lot of Medically Necessary Medicines Not Covered 1.0 My son's had Ulcerative Colitis for 2 years. Over those 2 years, there were many medicines he needed that were not covered. Some of them, after... Straight Talk Wireless - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BROKEN PROMISES 2.3 As Straighttalk requested, I sent by FedEx a nearly brand-new Samsung Galaxy S 8 to them which had been hijacked by a severe virus infection. The... Quadranet - Host to endless spam, won't do anything about it 1.0 Lately, I've been getting an increasing number of spam e-mails which are either coming from Quadranet IP addresses , or containing spam / phishing... Esurranty - Horrible - do not buy 1.0 I thought I'd update and write a fresh review because I was unable to contact anyone from Esurranty for several months, despite numerous emails and... La Fitness - Manager not caring for excessive heat conditions in class room 1.0 I wanted to reach out being I had a very disturbing and ungrateful encounter with one of your facilities. On October 7, 2017 I went to the La Fitness... City Furniture - Warranty coverage is a joke don't pay it 2.3 I just purchased the sofa from City Furniture not even 2 months ago the color is already coming off on the elbow I have paid for the extra coverage... Jpay - STEALING MONEY 1.0 I purchase 20 letters every two days to write emails and most of the time the email is never received by the inmate but is deducted from my stamps....