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I had a horrible time with their Cinnamon Mouth Rinse and their Tooth Polish. I ended up with agonizingly painful teeth after I began using their Mouth Rinse. I have been complaining to their company and spoken to about 20 employees, including the executive office... Read more

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had the whole pre approval and all the goodies that came along with it. went over everything with finance did the whole myql website to get everything they asked for all documentation. after all that they said everything was going great so finance switched me to... Read more

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Bought this bed and was told this will last the equivalent of a standard bed. well 2 and half years into this bed the memory foam top has split right down the center...I have a queen size bed with two bladders. when this happened it has caused the entire bed to roll... Read more

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The installation of the underground cable created the need to dig a trench in my front yard ... my former nice lawn looks terrible now ... they "repaired" the damage by throwing some dead, burnt out sod on top of the trench. I suppose I will end up making the repairs... Read more

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Like fools, we booked with this so called travel company even after reading the numerous bad reviews, so we really have no one to blame but ourselves. What travel company fails to send the bus to pick up the travelers on day one of the trip. No words to explain such... Read more

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i purchased/rented a dryer from the largo location around mid February. it was something around 450$. ive made 3 $100 payments along with a few 40$-50$ payments as well. they have constantly called me asking for payments when im well over what is due. i was just... Read more

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I purchased a 2500 dollar dog with the pet for life replacement. I also purchased a few things to take home when I got my puppy. This rep. was so pushy with trying to sale me everything under the son. I bought one of the products because my man is a push over and was... Read more

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My wife & I are in the 80's and love this store since it opened. For the last 4 weeks 3-4 outside store owners have been buying up all the meat mark downs on Sun morning, And I mean Baskets of it! They are rough and very mean, actually pushing one woman to the floor... Read more

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I tried this pillow, just bought one because of the 1/2 off coupon. So half of $100 pillow. Yes they charge $100 for a pillow. I paid $10 to ship it. IT took over 14 days just to get it and now another $10 to return, so $20 down the crapper. Yes and they require 2... Read more

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So many issues with this gym (including being screamed at in front of the entire gym by its owner.) My most recent issue, which prompted me to leave Get Fitness for good, was when I attempted to put a freeze on my training in October. Several days before my monthly... Read more

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