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Featured HHGregg screwed 1.4 I purchased $16000.00 worth of appliances January 2015 and all 5 year PSP warrantee's now my Lg side by side is not freezing i just tried calling... Great Expressions Dental Centers - BIG SCAM Went in for a regular cleaning and doctor said I needed a deep cleaning, and crown for a chipped tooth as well as a mouth guard. (Was at other... Bjs Wholesale Club - BJ's would not accept return of DEFECTIVE Power Washer 1.8 On 10/9/2016, I purchased a Generac 6922 Power Washer from their Jensen Beach store. I used it once and after I finished, I left the unit under my ba... Regal Cinemas - New Movie not showing 4.5 I go to the movies every time a new children's movie shows. I had planned to tkae my children to see Queen of Katwee and Peculiar Children on the... Stanton Optical - They lied to me 1.1 i went and got my not free eye exam. i was given a prescription and i notice there was no license number on the paper. i didn't think it was a big dea... Once Upon A Child - Business To who ever this concers,

First off, what kind of business do you run? A Cruel and pathetic Children’s Clothing store? Where you treat your employe...
Volkswagen - Never buy a VW again! 1.0 If I sold you something and you spend 30k financing it I would be happy business man and you a happy customer because you got what you wanted. However... Agape Diamonds Ring Repair Review from Jensen Beach, Florida 4.6 Agape screwed up my ring 3 yrs ago and refused to fix it correctly. Given my ring was 90% perfect, i let it go. Stone fell out recently, i sent it...